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Ghostface Killah - The Hilton
[Intro: Raekwon]
This nigga just bought eleven machine guns
He brung them in my crib

[Ghostface Killah (Raekwon)]
Glittered out, Stout faced, check Rae up in The Hilton
Heard Nia Long is in the buildin'
Penthouse, fast in the dirt, doubt room service
It looked bug cuz the waiter looked nervous
Flipped off a lid
Seen two shiny .38's aimed at the kid
What I do, duck
Rae up in the shower singin', son don't know that it's real
Gunman lookin' like he 'bout to peel somethin'
In the tight jam red down maxin' like Santa
If I could just reach my hammer
He bust two shots, I played mice
Ran to the spot with the son was at, quickly he was blinded by the ice
That's when Rae ran out of the back
Towel on, soap on his arms, spit duke around, fell my lap
(Yo what the fuck happen?)
It was a set up to get wet up
(Starks you bleedin'?)
Nah his blood, fucked my white leather up
Ten g's down the drain, yo hurry we up, we gotta get 'em up
Get the sheets son, lets fix 'em up
Lock the door, turn the TV off, your kicks is near the light switch
(Just give me two minutes to iron my shirt, find my ices)
The hit came quick, hit the jack, star six, Ghost
(Put down the phone stupid, wipe off your wrists)
Rae ran histerically, slipped on soap
Landed on his back with his gat, now that's dope
We got three minutes, nobody seen shit
Somebody might've heard shit
Singin' on some Martin, "Where my mama bird?" shit
Fuck his socks, that's when we heard the door knock
"Everything aight?" "Partyin', son" Balloons popped
Threw this dude under the bed
I half dressed Raekwon
Swallowin' diamonds, had money juice up on his weddin' band
The phone rang off, the tea kettle blew, wifey hittin' me
"What you want sweety? Lima beans or kidney?"
Trashed the beeper, slowly I reached for the reefa
Go approach the peep-hole son, the housekeeper
Soak suds drippin' from his nuts, cut up gut
Prayin' that we make it out the tele untouched

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah]
Fuckin', a Wesley Snipes movie on a Sunday in Bermuda
We laptop nigga.s, thugs on the computer
Caught up in the grimy shit
Mine finally two days later a murder and we gotta make this flight shit
A Wesley Snipes movie on a Sunday in Bermuda
We laptop niggas, thugs on the computer
A Wesley Snipes movie on a Sunday in Bermuda
We lap top niggas, thugs on the computer

Aiyo the pressures on, son he got merked, its time to move fast
Aiyo Deini it's on, check out the news flash
Flew out the next day, back to the Tony estates
Flew on a first class flight to LA
It ain't take one, I pulled a few strings on the horn
So where it came from?
That nigga we stuck and took a cane from
We shouda killed him when we had him
Yo I was holdin' a magnum
Yeah we bagged him but we let him slide in the wagon
His bad little brown ho from out Chicago
She moved his cargo, good with handlin' Roscoes
We had our eyes closed God, we shouda seen it comin'
He shoulda seen me comin' runnin out the showers gunnin'
Now that I figured it, she put the waiter on
It all came to me in back of my mind just like my favourite song
Dawned on it later on, by the end of day was gone
How dare this nigga think he could even take us on
Spoke to Cee Allah, sent the kite through the pens
Him and Big Den, known to split wigs with razor sharp chins
Diets from Attica riots, halls was quiet
C.O.'s with babies on their arms looked tired
And this nigga from down state got shipped up North
Socket young fella, runnin' his jibs on how he set it off
Then heard that shit, plus got that kite
Money got murdered in his park that night


"I need you honey" (repeat until fade)
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. . . . . [Intro: Raekwon] This nigga just bought eleven machine guns He brung them in my crib [Ghostface Killah (Raekwon)] Glittered out, Stout
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