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Hi-5 - It's a Hi-5 Christmas
Chayanne - Cautivo
Royal Family - Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow
Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said
Postmen - Era
Culture Beat - Serenity
Redman - Doggz Ii
Redman - Doggz II

[Throughout the song in the background]
["Doggz" - George Clinton Sample]

[Barks] Yeah

["Where my dogs at" - DMX sample (throughout Redman talking)]

[Verse 1]
Who them niggas
Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga)
Kick down the door
and pull out the four

and lay niggas down for your man getting jumped
What kind of nigga
Drunk of that liquor high as hell with they hands in bitches' drawls
What kind of nigga
Fit that description that I'm talking bout hardcore niggas brawl
And I'm a dog with lockjaw
On the double R
My squad can't be knocked off
We Doggz

[DMX sample (x 8)]

[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Virginia Doggz motherfucker
Virginia Doggz
Cincinnati Doggz
Chicago Doggz

[Verse 2:]
What kind of nigga
Will steal your car at night as soon as you turn off the light?
Pop that steering wheel
hit the club like a quarter till
Wait till a victim get caught in the heist
What kind of nigga
Will fuck your girl gorilla style ass in the air?
When I cum she cum
when she sleep I'm in the safe
Where boyfriend stashed the cake then I'm out of here
I know you not prepared
Doc pop the flares
For the niggas under the stairs
We true Doggz


[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Jersey Doggz
Where my California Doggz

[Verse 3]
What kind of nigga will do a bid
And come home doing the same thing again
That kind of nigga
That'll search for that bitch ass nigga who ratted him in
What kind of nigga
Keep his mind on his money
not bitches at all (We don't love
the.m hoes)
That kind of nigga
That don't care about your ice or VIP you getting robbed
So take it off
Right now
Pack my Doggz
Fuck who I'm assaulting
Now we true Doggz


[Redman (over samples)]
Yeah [Barks]
Canada Doggz nigga
Baltimore Doggz
North Carolina Doggz

[barking - DMX sample (till fade)]

[Redman (over samples)]
Alabama Doggz
Brick City
Can't forget them Ohio Doggz out there


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. . . . . Redman - Doggz II [Throughout the song in the background] ["Doggz" - George Clinton Sample] [Redman] Yo [Barks] Yeah Yeah
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