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Artist: NorthStar f/ Freemurder
Album: The of the Son
Song: See Me

Yeah.. yeah..
I get serious as church
Smoking four or five bones in the zone on the mur
Look, I keep it cracking up in Venice
Strong-arming all the ho's 'til there's ho's in my tennis
I get loose in the Crenshaw Plaza
Me, Big Dush, the Gooch and Ali Babi
I'm a hero in the L.B.C.
Me and S-N-double O-P in the R-E-G (Long Beach!)
My Compton ho's is G.I. Joe's
Having days like Dido's
And when I bounce to the S.C., niggas best me
The Nestle, knowing I'ma Snipe like Wesley
Iglewood best the, them went testy
Skating through the L.A. streets, Wayne Gretzsky
I even put the loop in the my sock in Watts
Smoking to the Riverside boondocks
My Oaklands pops ya straight tops
San Jose through the whole damn Bay
For sho', doing the most to San Diego
Straight to the East from Vallejo

[Hook 1: Christbearer]
Yeah, in the Compton streets, you'll See Me
With the Venice freaks, you'll See Me
The shark up in the beats, you'll See Me
North-side Long Beach, you'll See Me
In the Borland Hills, you'll See Me
Fox Hills for real, you'll See Me
Niggas owning me skrill, you'll See Me
When it's kill or be killed, you'll See Me

This is Brooklyn, six-seven, middle, nigga
The eight run ya dog back to the kennel, nigga
Fort Green, know where I'm from, banks at fourteen
In a clip, nothing less than fourteen
Push the G-wagon through Marcy
Hop out, Free crashing through parties
I'm popping, even on my way to Tomkin's
I'm rocking a throwback named by Stockton
Some, nah, keep the gun tucked
by the pelvis, make ya disappear like Elvis
Now what's up? Can't forget about L.G.
Fuck they gon' tell me? We get it crunk
Brownsville, where the town's real
Red Hook ain't afraid to let that pound kill
East New York ain't wit that cheap talk
They about money, even when the heat beat walk

[Hook 2: Freemurder (Christbearer)]
Yeah, in the head of Medina (you'll See Me)
Go to bed with the Nina (you'll See Me)
Free where the ho's at (you'll See Me)
Free in a throwback (you'll See Me)
While I'm up in the club (you'll See Me)
Sitting up on dubs (you'll See Me)
Repping N.Y.C. (you'll See Me)
Step in L.B.C. (you'll See Me)

Lightened thoughts that wipe away ya fears
Meko's here to revive the ho's fear
Touch down sound that scored seven or mo'
Writing adult, I'll let ya body emotions flow
I see you, girl, on the dance flo'
Shaking that ace 'til it wouldn't shake no mo'
NorthStars give it to you hardco'
Representing the Beach as if you didn't know (Long Beach)
And the vibe is heavy (yeah)
like fifty niggas driving, classic Chevy's
We're beating hydraulical parts
That jump around in the rowdiest parts

[Hook 1]
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