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Rza & Tonebone & Midnight & Shoshot - Crazy
Artist: NorthStar f/ Midnight, Shoshot, Tonebone
Album: The Reign of the Son
Song : Crazy

[Intro: Midnight]
Yo! This for all my motherfucking niggas
On the West Coast, on the East Coast
In the mid-West, the Dirty South
Nigga, I don't care what you doing
Who you wit, or where you at, nigga
Go Crazy, nigga
Go motherfucking Crazy, nigga
Get motherfucking sick wit it!

[Chorus x2: Tonebone]
Sometimes I might get a little Crazy
Dipped and sticking doors with one-eighty
Ever since the G's raised me
The streets couldn't fade me, go Crazy

Yeah, all y'all niggas go Crazy
Leave the bitch-ass niggas braindead in the daily
Too many ho's yelling, "Christbearer, save me!"
Bitches can't swim cuz the water too wavy
My nigga, get a little nuts
The Wu .don't give two fucks, Clan like Klu Klux
Lace the Digi with the 'dro
Tai Bo, bust ya fo'-fo', let ya hair down, ho
Ya gotta get a little sick
Let niggas try to play you like a step-child and click
Fuck the dumb shit, nigga, trip
Lose ya grip, pull a semi-automatic out the whip
Get psychotic, neurotic, they want it, they got it
Bang it to the boogie, hypnotic
Dip a stick and do a quick one-eighty
Like G's that raised me, a Long Beach baby
Taught me the difference of a bitch and a lady
The streets can't fade me when I'm liable to go Crazy

Crazy, like hitting a bank with a three-eighty
And maybe, flip and pistol-whip an old lady
That's shady, ya think that's shady?
Hell, not as shady as the bitch that had my first baby
And maybe, that's why I blow big dope on the daily
And maybe, I'll fuck ten more bitches and have ten more babies
And lately, I've been wanting to take shit back to the eighties
And maybe, I'll drive-by shooting at niggas that hate me
See baby, you know my story and that's the way it still goes
Real crazy, I'm still rapping baby and I still hate ho's
Shoshot is sick wit it, gots nothing for ho's
but conversation and some dick wit it, can you dig it?
I'm a zipped down fool, and niggas pause when I spit it
I might strip to my drawers, when I trip off the liquid
See maybe, I need to get fucked up 'til I hurl
cuz I'm Crazy like 2Pac screaming "Fuck the world!"

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, fuck that, go looney
Screaming "Bitch, sue me", off the wall like a young Paul Moonie
Break a rule, act a motherfucking fool
Roll a cutty on D's, solo at the carpool
Play Clyde Bearer's like a young Warren Beaty
Let Bonnie be ya lady so the bitch go Crazy

While niggas go Crazy I stay amazing
Doing what I do, straight blazing
Re-arranging, the time structure in the streets
Rotating planets like my people far out, you can't see
Believe it or not, a drop
NorthStar make ya heart stop
Too hot.. yeah, my shit stay live.. wit a vibe
that makes niggas go Crazy when they get high (pass that)
Bitches button down ya button-fly
Niggas bust ya fo'-five, get real live
Cuz ya only live this life once
So bounce to this motherfucker like you own one (bounce)
Dip a stick and straight trip on a nigga
Take a sip and straight spit on a nigga
Cuz the streets straight raised me
But they couldn't fade me (nigga), go Crazy

[Chorus x4]
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. . . . . Artist: NorthStar f/ Midnight, Shoshot, Tonebone Album: The Reign of the Son Song : Crazy [Intro: Midnight] Yo! This for all my
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