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The Rolling Stones - Twick Licks (Live) Cd2
Enya - B-Sides & Remixes
Buddha Bar II Cd 1
Next - The Next Episode
Everything But The Girl - Eden
RefAlbum TitleTracksTypeRelease 
390C Block - General Population13AlbumDetails
817C&C Music Factory - Greatest Hits13AlbumDetails
408C.C. Catch - The Best of '9819AlbumDetails
3801Cabaret - The New Broadway Revival19Album1998Details
3802Cabaret Musical Madrid 200519Album2005Details
2392Cafe Del Mar - 20th Anniversary Cd 113VariousDetails
2393Cafe Del Mar - 20th Anniversary Cd 211VariousDetails
2189Cafe Del Mar - Aria Volume 108Various2004Details
2394Cafe Del Mar - Aria Volume 212VariousDetails
2395Cafe Del Mar - Classic12VariousDetails
2396Cafe Del Mar - Dab11VariousDetails
2397Cafe Del Mar - Dreams10VariousDetails
2398Cafe Del Mar - Rue Du Soleil11VariousDetails
3071Cafe Del Mar - Volume 12 Disc 114Various2005Details
3072Cafe Del Mar - Volume 12 Disc 214Various2005Details
2822Cafe Del Mar 1114VariousDetails
1157Cafe Del Mar Volume 112VariousDetails
1807Cafe Del Mar Volume 1014Various2003Details
483Cafe Del Mar Volume 213VariousDetails
1158Cafe Del Mar Volume 3 (Bad Quality)13VariousDetails
163Cafe Del Mar Volume 414Various1997Details
1137Cafe Del Mar Volume 515VariousDetails
1138Cafe Del Mar Volume 615VariousDetails
1139Cafe Del Mar Volume 713VariousDetails
1808Cafe Del Mar Volume 811Various2001Details
907Cafe Del Mar Volume 913VariousDetails
894Cafe Del Mar Volume x110AlbumDetails
893Cafe Del Mar Volume x211AlbumDetails
991Cake - Fashion Nugget14Album1996Details
1850Calogero - Calogero11Album2002Details
3167Calvin Richardson - 235 Pm12AlbumDetails
3898Camerata Romana - Classic Camerata Romana15AlbumDetails
811Cam'Ron - Come Home With Me15AlbumDetails
810Cam'Ron - Harlem's Greatest13AlbumDetails
2626Camron - Purple Haze24Album2004Details
1285Canibus - Rip The Jacker11Album2003Details
3788Capone - Menace 2 Society15Album2006Details
3795Capone - Pain Time And Glory20Album2005Details
3778Capone N Noreaga - Best Of Cnn21Album2004Details
2828Capone-N-Noreaga - Reunion19AlbumDetails
2829Capone-N-Noreaga - The War Report20Album1997Details
2555Cappadonna - The Pillage17Album1991Details
1449Cappadonna - The Struggle23Album2003Details
1581Cappadonna - Yin and the Yang11Album2001Details
3177Cappadonna's Iron Fist Pillage16Ost2001Details
2107Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music Reloaded04Single/Maxi2004Details
3531Captain Jack - Greatest Hits18Album2005Details
2682Cardigans - Gran Turismo11AlbumDetails
3837Caribe Mix 2006 - Cd 120Album2006Details
3838Caribe Mix 2006 - Cd 220Album2006Details
774Carl Orff - Carmina Burana06AlbumDetails
1946Carl Thomas - Let's Talk About It16AlbumDetails
1813Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un M'a Dit12Album2003Details
2929Carlos Santana - Playin With Carlos15Album2005Details
3051Carly Simon - Moonlight Serenade11Album2005Details
838Carol Welsman - Language Of Love13AlbumDetails
1740Carole King - Tapestry14Album1999Details
2640Carpenters - Gold Greatest Hits20Album2005Details
1519Carre - Mega Mix27VariousDetails
4018Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts14Album2005Details
1166Carte Blanche - Vol. 113VariousDetails
1167Carte Blanche - Vol. 213VariousDetails
1174Carte Blanche - Vol. 315VariousDetails
3053Cassidy - I'm A Hustla15Album2005Details
1841Cassidy - Split Personality15Album2004Details
1825Cassidy - The Future20Album2003Details
984Cassius - Au Reve13AlbumDetails
1989Cat Stevens - Remember (The Ultimate Collection)24Album2000Details
1453Cat Stevens - The Very Best Of13Album1990Details
1517CB4 Comedy12OstDetails
3105C-Block - So Strung Out04Single/MaxiDetails
1947Cee-Lo - Cee-Lo Is The Soul Machine18AlbumDetails
3198Celia Cruz - Grandes Exitos17AlbumDetails
3197Celia Cruz And India - Salsa Divas14Album2004Details
1399Celine Dion - 1 Fille Et 4 Types12Album2003Details
66Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come17Album2002Details
94Celine Dion - D'eux12Album1998Details
1411Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love16Album1997Details
3365Celine Dion - On Ne Change Pas Cd 117AlbumDetails
3366Celine Dion - On Ne Change Pas Cd 216AlbumDetails
412Celine Dion - One Heart14Album2003Details
737Celine Dion - S'il Suffisait D'Aimer12Album1998Details
2239Celine Dion & Anne Geddes - Miracle13Album2004Details
2963Celtic Heartbeat - Riverdance (Music From The Show)16AlbumDetails
891Celtic Myst 517Various2002Details
1851Celtic Spirit - Lyra14Album1998Details
3458Celtic Spirit - Lyra II18AlbumDetails
4019Celtic Woman - A Christmas Celebration15Album2006Details
3724Cesaria Evora - Rogamar14Album2006Details
3289Chaka Demus And Pliers - Back Against The Wall15AlbumDetails
165Chaka Khan - The Woman I Am13Album1992Details
349Chante Moore - Precious12AlbumDetails
1793Charki 200416Various2004Details
2251Charles Aznavour - 40 Chansons D'or Cd 120AlbumDetails
2252Charles Aznavour - 40 Chansons D'or Cd 240AlbumDetails
1423Charles Aznavour - Greatest Hits and More18Album2003Details
1875Charles Aznavour - Je Voyage12Album2003Details
772Charlie Byrd - Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim13AlbumDetails
762Charlotte Church - Prelude The Best Of18AlbumDetails
1896Charon - Tearstained11Album2000Details
1037Chart Mix 5 Cd 117VariousDetails
1036Chart Mix 5 Cd 239VariousDetails
2971Chartmix 1 - Cd 144VariousDetails
2972Chartmix 1 - Cd 236VariousDetails
2991Chartmix 3 Cd 142VariousDetails
2992Chartmix 3 Cd 240VariousDetails
2993Chartmix 4 Cd 134VariousDetails
2994Chartmix 4 Cd 234VariousDetails
2995Chartmix 5 Cd 140VariousDetails
2996Chartmix 5 Cd 239VariousDetails
2973Chartmix 7 - Cd 141VariousDetails
2974Chartmix 7 - Cd 241VariousDetails
2997Chartmix 8 Cd 140VariousDetails
2998Chartmix 8 Cd 240VariousDetails
2975Chartmix 9 - Cd 141VariousDetails
2976Chartmix 9 - Cd 242VariousDetails
3290Chayanne - Cautivo10Album2005Details
2544Cheb Khaled - Ya Ray11Album2004Details
1454Cheb Mami - Best Of17AlbumDetails
1359Cheeky Girls - Party Time12Album2003Details
669Chemical Brothers - Come With Us10Album2002Details
153Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole11Album1997Details
929Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust11AlbumDetails
1809Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-0313Album2003Details
563Cher - Believe10AlbumDetails
1357Cher - Live the Farewell Tour18Album2003Details
1481Cher - Strong Enough04Single/MaxiDetails
1017Cher - The Very Best Of Cher21Album2003Details
2930Cherrelle - Greatest Hits13Album2005Details
161Chevelle - Wonder What's Next11AlbumDetails
3397Chic - The Very Best Of Chic13AlbumDetails
1741Chicago - Complete Greatest Hits20Album2002Details
2595Chicago - Love Songs18Album2005Details
496Chicago (The Miramax Motion Picture)18Ost2002Details
1286Chicane - Easy to Assemble09Album2003Details
2683Chigago - 9723AlbumDetails
2447Chingy - Jackpot17AlbumDetails
3776Chocolate Beats 12 (Dj Parkz)37AlbumDetails
870Choppa - Straight From The NO17AlbumDetails
3757Chris Brown - Chris Brown15Album2005Details
1842Chris De Burgh - The Road To Freedom11Album2004Details
3223Chris Ledoux - Chis Ledoux & The Saddle Boogie12AlbumDetails
3224Chris Ledoux - Greatest Hits 2019AlbumDetails
3225Chris Ledoux - Powder Rider10AlbumDetails
3226Chris Ledoux - Rodeo Songs Old & New10AlbumDetails
3227Chris Ledoux - Sing Me A Song Mr Rodeo Man10AlbumDetails
1824Chris Spheeris - Mystic Traveller11Album1996Details
1414Christina Aguilera - A Tribute17AlbumDetails
3895Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics13Album2006Details
479Christina Aguilera - Stripped20Album2002Details
1895Christina Milian - It's About Time13Album2004Details
1742Christy Moore - Live at The Point14Album1994Details
1737Christy Moore - Ride On12Album1984Details
1585Christy Moore - The Iron Behind The Velvet12Album1978Details
2370Chuck Berry - Crown Prince Of Rock N Roll14Album2004Details
3377Chumbawamba - A Singsong And A Scrap13Album2005Details
3228Ciara - Goodies13Album2004Details
3993Ciara - The Evolution18Album2006Details
3168Cilvaringz - The Mental Chamberz17Album2001Details
754Cinder - Break Your Silence10AlbumDetails
2964Cinderella - 1999 Live At The Key Club16Album1999Details
706Cinema Classics (Disc 1)15VariousDetails
707Cinema Classics (Disc 2)13VariousDetails
1539City Of Angels14Ost1998Details
1823City Of God. Remixed. Vol. 216VariousDetails
2306Clare Teal - Don't Talk13AlbumDetails
1838Classic Country (16 Memorable Tracks)16VariousDetails
569Claude Challe - Flying Carpet Cd 1 (Lokoum)11VariousDetails
570Claude Challe - Flying Carpet Cd 2 (Lotus)14VariousDetails
597Claude Debussy & Maurice Ravel - Bolero - La Mer u.a.05Album1978Details
2172Clawfinger - Deaf Dumb Blind10Album1993Details
1435Cliff Richard - My Songs19Album2003Details
2667Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby20Ost2005Details
2493Clinton Sparks - The Pulling Strings Mixtape (Hosted By Dame Dash)33Various2005Details
2125Club Hits Vol.1706Vinyl2004Details
906Club Nation Miami 200220Various2002Details
605Club Nouveau - Everything Is Black10AlbumDetails
2462Club Revolution Italia Vol.120Album2004Details
2051Clubland 5 Cd 120VariousDetails
3516Coach Carter14OstDetails
1354Coca Cola Hits 200324Various2003Details
2108Cockroach Clan - Fuck You Ho03Vinyl2004Details
3874Cocktail Explosif16AlbumDetails
2241Cocoa Tea - Tek Weh Yuh Gal14Album2004Details
3526Coffee Lounge Cd 114Various2005Details
3527Coffee Lounge Cd 214Various2005Details
1040Colazione Da Molly (Megamix)24AlbumDetails
1413Coldplay - A Rush Of B. Sides To The Head20Album2000Details
629Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head11AlbumDetails
1599Coldplay - Parachutes10Album2000Details
2946Coldplay - X&y13Album2005Details
2092Collateral Damage16Ost2004Details
1322Collection Of Everlasting Love Songs Cd 120Various2002Details
1323Collection Of Everlasting Love Songs Cd 220Various2002Details
1936Collective Rap III20VariousDetails
3620Come Riddim - Promo Cd05Various2006Details
2525Commercial Collection - Dmc 262 Cd 107For Dj'sDetails
2526Commercial Collection - Dmc 262 Cd 206For Dj'sDetails
2527Commercial Collection - Dmc 264 Cd 109For Dj'sDetails
2528Commercial Collection - Dmc 264 Cd 207For Dj'sDetails
1087Common - Electric Circus13AlbumDetails
3211Connie Francis - Sings Country & Western Hits24AlbumDetails
1998Conya Doss - A Poem About Ms Doss20AlbumDetails
250Coolio - El Cool Magnifico15AlbumDetails
96Coolio - My Soul16Album1997Details
3959Coolio - The Return Of The Gangsta13Album2006Details
2140Copenhagen Chill Vol 0111Various2004Details
3839Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae23AlbumDetails
1088Cormega - Hustler Rapper28Album2002Details
2641Cormega - The Testament14Album2005Details
3094Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night07Single/Maxi1994Details
5Cosmic Gate - No More Sleep12Album2000Details
2093Cosmic Sounds Remixed Vol 209Various2004Details
497Counting Crows - August and Everything After11AlbumDetails
1579Counting Crows - Films About Ghosts (The Best Of)16Album2003Details
758Counting Crows - Hard Candy13AlbumDetails
100Counting Crows - Recovering The Satellites14Album1996Details
3344Country Hits20Various2005Details
898Cozmik Corkscrew - Big Bang11Album1998Details
3378Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day17AlbumDetails
2173Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine15Album2004Details
231Craig Armstrong - As If to Nothing15Album2002Details
1948Craig Armstrong - Space Between Us12AlbumDetails
245Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average17Album2002Details
3054Craig David - The Story Goes13Album2005Details
1699Cranberries - Bury The Hatchet13Album1999Details
573Cranberries - No Need To Argue13Album1994Details
1702Cranberries - Odd Bits & Hits. Best & Rare08Album1998Details
1705Cranberries - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee13Album2001Details
1440Crash Test Dummies - Puss 'N' Boots12Album2003Details
630Crazy Town - Darkhorse11AlbumDetails
2627Creed - My Own Prison13Album1999Details
2245Crematory - Revolution00Album2004Details
286Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu10Album1970Details
1320Crowded House - The Very Best Of19AlbumDetails
3908Cuba Libre17AlbumDetails
1259Culture Beat - Best Of15Album2003Details
3106Culture Beat - Mr. Vain Remixe (Maxi)04Single/MaxiDetails
818Culture Beat - Serenity14Album1993Details
1294Culture Pub Rock13Various2003Details
983Cunnie Williams - Star Hotel22Album2002Details
656Curly - Natural12AlbumDetails
2697Cutmaster C - The Hood News (Game Vs. 50 Cent)19Album2005Details
922Cyndi Lauper - Shine10Album2001Details
185Cypress Hill - Black Sunday14Album1993Details
323Cypress Hill - Live At The Fillmore18AlbumDetails
324Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders14Album2001Details
1906Cypress Hill - Till Death16Album2004Details
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