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The Doors - L.A.Woman [1971]
Mini Disco
Aerosmith - Big Ones
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Linkin Park - Meteora
Gza - Beneath The Surface
RefAlbum TitleTracksTypeRelease 
653S Club - Seeing Double15AlbumDetails
1313Saber El Roubaii10AlbumDetails
736Sabrina - Best Of Boys Boys Boys10AlbumDetails
2287Sad Songs - Disc 119Various2004Details
2288Sad Songs - Disc 221Various2004Details
607Sade - The Best Of16Album1994Details
2079Saez - Debbie11AlbumDetails
1386Safri Duo - 3.010Album2003Details
2633Sahara Hotnights - Kiss And Tell11Album2004Details
1311Sahra Rakisa11VariousDetails
3883Said - De Swing Et De Soul17Album2006Details
608Said Mrad - Mille Et Une Nuits08AlbumDetails
609Said Mrad - Said Mrad Plays Baligh Hamdi10AlbumDetails
962Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay12AlbumDetails
958Saint Germain - Lounge (Disk One)12VariousDetails
959Saint Germain - Lounge (Disk Two)12VariousDetails
143Saliva - Back Into Your System12AlbumDetails
2207Salon Indien - By Michel Zadeh15Various2004Details
197Salt-N-Pepa - Brand New14AlbumDetails
828Salt'n'Pepa - Greatest Hits14AlbumDetails
318Salvatore Adamo - A La Mode Best Of20AlbumDetails
2006Sam Salter - It's On Tonight13AlbumDetails
2744Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You15AlbumDetails
3509Sami Yusuf - My Ummah13AlbumDetails
2712Sammy Smoove - This Is Reggaeton24Album2005Details
3547Sam's Team - Holliday Party17VariousDetails
3345Sam's Team - Tunisian Music17VariousDetails
829Sandra - 18 Greatest Hits18Album1992Details
170Sandra - Close To Seven10AlbumDetails
19Sandra - Wheel Of Time11Album2002Details
2200Sandy - Unexpected13Album2004Details
3271Santana - All That I Am13Album2005Details
341Santana - Maria Maria06Single/MaxiDetails
459Santana - Shaman16AlbumDetails
9Santana - Supernatural13Album1999Details
257Santana - The Essential Santana Cd 117AlbumDetails
256Santana - The Essential Santana Cd 216AlbumDetails
1421Sarah - Found My Space12Album2003Details
3562Sarah Brightman - Eden15AlbumDetails
681Sarah Brightman - Encore15AlbumDetails
3564Sarah Brightman - Harem14Album2003Details
3565Sarah Brightman - Love Changes Everything14Album2005Details
3563Sarah Brightman - Timeless14AlbumDetails
1900Sarah Connor - Key To My Soul15Album2003Details
2782Sarah Connor - Naughty But Nice16Album2005Details
471Sarah Connor - Unbelievable16AlbumDetails
1805Sarah Mclachlan - Afterglow10Album2003Details
1376Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy13Album2003Details
2417Sarah Mclachlan - Storytellers (Dvda)10Album2004Details
1483Sasha - If You Believe05Single/MaxiDetails
2016Saskrotch - Nintendo Breakz Volume One40VariousDetails
309Savage Garden - Affirmation12Album1999Details
312Savage Garden - Greatest Hits17AlbumDetails
311Savage Garden - Savage Garden11AlbumDetails
3612Savage Garden - Truly Madly Completely17Album2005Details
1303Save The Last Dance14Ost2000Details
2588Saxophone Collection16AlbumDetails
2501Saxophone Collection Vol 116AlbumDetails
698Scarface - The Fix13AlbumDetails
939Scars Of Life - Mute [Ep 2002]06Album2002Details
3582Schiller - Tag Und Nacht19Album2005Details
2381Schiller - Voyage (2002)18Album2002Details
3901Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters16Album2004Details
1547Scooby Doo14Ost2002Details
444Scooter - 24 Carat Gold24AlbumDetails
447Scorpia - 7 aniversario Cd 125Various2000Details
448Scorpia - 7 aniversario Cd 219Various2000Details
449Scorpia - 7 aniversario Cd 316Various2000Details
2745Scorpions - Blackout09AlbumDetails
1300Scorpions - Crazy World11AlbumDetails
484Scorpions - Forever Gold Ballads Cd 115AlbumDetails
485Scorpions - Forever Gold Ballads Cd 215AlbumDetails
2382Scorpions - In Trance10Album2004Details
1465Scorpions - Moment of Glory11Album2000Details
2690Scotch - Best Of Scotch14AlbumDetails
3583Screwball - Y2k20AlbumDetails
1252Seal - Seal IV12Album2003Details
365Seal - The Beginning09Album1991Details
2460Sean Paul - Chronicles19Album2003Details
748Sean Paul - Dutty Rock22Album2002Details
3785Sean Paul - Let's Get High11Album2005Details
3237Sean Paul - The Trinity18Album2005Details
3028Sean Price - Monkey Barz16Album2005Details
2124Secret Service - I'm Coming Out 200404Vinyl2004Details
1261Seeed - New Dubby Conquerors12AlbumDetails
2522Select Mix - Select Essentials Vol. 416For Dj's2004Details
1548Sensation Black Edition Cd 117Various2002Details
1549Sensation Black Edition Cd 217Various2002Details
2186Sepultura - Beneath The Remains09Album1989Details
2187Sepultura - Chaos Ad12AlbumDetails
1084Sepultura - Roorback14Album2003Details
740Sepultura - Roots15AlbumDetails
595Serenade - Budapest Strings (Highlights of Classical Music)18Album1988Details
2634Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson07Album1971Details
3248Serge Lama - Le Meilleur De Cd 120AlbumDetails
3249Serge Lama - Le Meilleur De Cd 220AlbumDetails
3325Sergio Dalma - Todo Lo Que Quieres16Album2005Details
2434Sergio Mendes14AlbumDetails
3925Sergio Mendes - Timeless (Advance)15Album2006Details
3473Seven Witches - City Of Lost Souls10AlbumDetails
1073Sevendust - Home13AlbumDetails
624Sex Pistols - Jubilee14AlbumDetails
3940Sexy House 200515Album2005Details
1944Sexy House Music00VariousDetails
2799Sfdk - 200517Album2005Details
3193Shabazz The Disciple - The Book Of Shabazz21Album2003Details
1196Shabba Ranks - X-Tra Naked13AlbumDetails
3262Shaggy - Clothes Drop17Album2005Details
74Shaggy - Hotshot14Album2000Details
475Shaggy - Lucky Day16Album2002Details
2691Shaggy - The Best Of Volume 114AlbumDetails
534Shakaya - Shakaya11AlbumDetails
1298Shakira - Do'nde Esta'n Los Ladrones13AlbumDetails
2942Shakira - Fijacion Oral Volume I13Album2005Details
12Shakira - Laundry Service16Album2001Details
594Shakira - MTV Unplugged (Live)11AlbumDetails
3502Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol.214Album2005Details
98Shania Twain - Come On Over16Album1997Details
2375Shania Twain - Greatest Hits21Album2004Details
2921Shania Twain - Send It... With Love18Album2005Details
654Shania Twain - Up!19Album2002Details
3607Shaolin Soul Episode 121AlbumDetails
3608Shaolin Soul Episode 220AlbumDetails
3342Sharissa - Every Beat Of My Heart11Album2005Details
3865Shawnna - Block Music 200614Album2006Details
3866Shayne Ward - Shayne Ward 200613Album2006Details
1452Sheek Louch - Walk Witt Me14AlbumDetails
633Sheryl Crow - C'mon C'mon13AlbumDetails
1466Sheryl Crow - The Very Best Of16Album2003Details
3263Sheryl Crow - Wildflower For11AlbumDetails
3269Shiva Space Technology - Lightbeams (Melodic Psytrance)09Various2002Details
198Shola Ama - In Return (Extra Tracks)16AlbumDetails
2312Shrek 213Ost2004Details
265Shurik'n - Ou Je Vis15AlbumDetails
1631Shyheim - Manchild14Album1999Details
3133Shyheim - The Greatest Story Never Told15Album2004Details
3434Siddharta - Spirit Of The Buddha Bar Vol 1 Cd 115AlbumDetails
3435Siddharta - Spirit Of The Buddha Bar Vol 1 Cd 213AlbumDetails
3436Siddharta - Spirit Of The Buddha Bar Vol 2 Awakening15AlbumDetails
3437Siddharta - Spirit Of The Buddha Bar Vol 2 Euphoria13AlbumDetails
3343Sigur Ros - Takk11Album2005Details
1119Silicone Soul - A Soul Thing12AlbumDetails
1504Silverchair - Neon Ballroom12Album1999Details
1760Simon & The Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water11Album1970Details
3682Simon Webbe - Sanctuary14Album2005Details
2363Simone - Giorni10Album2004Details
3326Simple Minds - Black And White09Album2005Details
916Simply Red - Home12AlbumDetails
3306Simply Red - Simplified12Album2005Details
1755Simply Red - Stars10Album1991Details
1290Simply Red - The Very Best Of Cd 119Album2003Details
1291Simply Red - The Very Best Of Cd 218Album2003Details
3142Simply The Best Of The 60's Cd 118VariousDetails
3143Simply The Best Of The 60's Cd 218VariousDetails
3144Simply The Best Of The 60's Cd 317VariousDetails
3145Simply The Best Of The 60's Cd 417VariousDetails
3146Simply The Best Of The 70's Cd 116VariousDetails
3147Simply The Best Of The 70's Cd 216VariousDetails
3148Simply The Best Of The 70's Cd 316VariousDetails
3149Simply The Best Of The 70's Cd 416VariousDetails
3150Simply The Best Of The 80's Cd 113VariousDetails
3151Simply The Best Of The 80's Cd 214VariousDetails
3152Simply The Best Of The 80's Cd 316VariousDetails
3153Simply The Best Of The 80's Cd 416VariousDetails
3154Simply The Best Of The 90's Cd 116VariousDetails
3155Simply The Best Of The 90's Cd 216VariousDetails
3156Simply The Best Of The 90's Cd 316VariousDetails
3157Simply The Best Of The 90's Cd 416VariousDetails
2250Sinclair - Comme Je Suis09AlbumDetails
1756Sinead O Connor - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got10Album1990Details
3767Sinéad O Connor - Throw Down Your Arms12Album2005Details
470Sinead O'Connor - Sean-Nos Nua14AlbumDetails
3715Sinik - La Main Sur Le Coeur16Album2005Details
2217Sinsemilia - Debout, Les Yeux Ouverts13AlbumDetails
1441Siobhan Donaghy - Revolution In Me12Album2003Details
208Sister Act14Ost1992Details
1683Sita - Come With Me12Album2003Details
4005Sizzla - The Overstanding (Retail 2006)14Album2006Details
3960Skazi & Paranormal Attack - Unreleased Tracks04Album2004Details
3183Skillz - Confessions Of A Ghostwriter13Album2005Details
3753Skin - Fake Chemical State10Album2006Details
1074Skip Azzalina - Silent Skies10AlbumDetails
1257Skunk Anansie - Paranoid & Sunburnt11AlbumDetails
1197Skunk Anansie - Post Orgasmic Chill12AlbumDetails
760Slade - Cum On Let's Party11AlbumDetails
1101Slade - Grand Collection23AlbumDetails
2746Slade - Greatest Hits - Feel The Noize21AlbumDetails
3584Slap Dat Bitch - Tha Special Summer Edition (2005)17Various2005Details
3585Slap Dat Bitch - Volume 119VariousDetails
3586Slap Dat Bitch - Volume 2 (2004) West Coast20Various2004Details
3570Slap Dat Bitch Vol 417Various2005Details
1491Slashs Snakepit - xxx14AlbumDetails
1239Slayer - Reign In Blood12AlbumDetails
1292Smash Mouth - Get The Picture12Album2003Details
2236Smashing Pumpkins - 1991-2000 Greatest Hits (V.C)21Album2001Details
911Smashing Pumpkins - Rotten Apples (Greatest Hits)18AlbumDetails
2201Smith And Mighty - Retrospective11Album2004Details
2747Smokey - Greatest Hits12AlbumDetails
830Snap - Attack Best Of13AlbumDetails
3088Snap - Exterminate03Single/Maxi1992Details
144Snap - World Power10Album1990Details
1115Sniper - Grave Sur La Roche16Album2003Details
295Snoop Dog - Murder Was The case15AlbumDetails
73Snoop Dog - Tha Last Meal17Album2000Details
625Snoop Dogg - Paid The Cost To Be The Boss15AlbumDetails
2376Snoop Dogg - Rhythm And Gangsta20Album2004Details
3988Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment21Album2006Details
1429Snoop Dogg - Welcome To Tha House Vol. 118Album2002Details
3955Snoop Dogg - Without Hoes Life Would Be Fucked Up19Album2006Details
773Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggy Style16AlbumDetails
3394Snoop Doggy Dogg & Dr Dre - From Compton To Longbeach17Album2005Details
218Snoopy & Villain - Evil Side Gangsters15Album2002Details
2009Snoopy Disco - AniMaTi0n20VariousDetails
1240Snot - Get Some15Album1997Details
2862Snow - 12 Inches Of Snow15AlbumDetails
3927Snow Patrol - Eyes Open11Album2006Details
2126So Confused Lmc Vs U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above06Single/Maxi2004Details
184So So Def Bass All-Stars14Various1996Details
950Socialburn - Where You Are (Advance)12Album2003Details
575Sofa Surfers - Transit16AlbumDetails
3085Soft Cell - Tainted Love03Single/Maxi1991Details
2621Soft Cell - The Very Best Of19Album2002Details
3505Soiree Bora Bora12VariousDetails
2131Soiree Bora Bora 200411Various2004Details
2132Soiree Calypso 200312Various2003Details
2968Soiree Ouverture Bora Bora 200512Various2005Details
344Solange - Solo Star17AlbumDetails
3642Solarscape - Alive Incl Ronski Speed With Stoneface02Vinyl2006Details
2017Something Corporate - Live In Charleston, IL14Album2004Details
2783Sonata Arctica - Silence14AlbumDetails
1130Sonique - Born To Be Free14Album2003Details
127Sophie Ellis Bextor - Read My Lips15Album2000Details
3126Souad Massi - Deb12AlbumDetails
611Soul 2002 Megamix42Various2002Details
322Soul II Soul - Time For Change11AlbumDetails
1461Soul Of Real - Every Litle Thing I Do06Single/MaxiDetails
1241Soulfly - Primitive12Album2000Details
235Sound Forms & Colors Mixed By Teddy14AlbumDetails
2289Sounds Of Trance Volume 517Various2004Details
187Space Ibiza 2002 Disc 0115Various2002Details
188Space Ibiza 2002 Disc 0214Various2002Details
1310Special Fitness10VariousDetails
248Special Oriental Dance - Instrumental12VariousDetails
1588Spice Girls - Goodbye15Album1998Details
1589Spice Girls - Spice10Album1996Details
2290Spirit Of Soul Cd 115Various2004Details
2291Spirit Of Soul Cd 215Various2004Details
2748Split 50 - Colored People21AlbumDetails
968Sponge - Wax Ecstatic10AlbumDetails
682Sporty Theivz - Fuck Sporty Theivz18AlbumDetails
963St Germain - Tourist12AlbumDetails
925St. Germain - Boulevard08AlbumDetails
1459Staight - Check N' Em13AlbumDetails
1129Staind - 14 Shades Of Grey14Album2003Details
969Staind - Break the Cycle14Album2001Details
3278Staind - Chapter V12Album2005Details
798Star Academy 2 - Paris Latino02AlbumDetails
3601Star Academy 5 - Les Meilleurs Moments14Album2005Details
1484Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You03Single/Maxi1998Details
1029Starlight Express14OstDetails
3826Starlight Express Cd 113AlbumDetails
3827Starlight Express Cd 213AlbumDetails
3372Starsailor - On The Outside11Album2005Details
2635Starsailor - Silence Is Easy11AlbumDetails
2675Stat Quo - Outta Town Luv Vol. 122Album2005Details
767Status Quo - Heavy Traffic13AlbumDetails
2218Status Quo - Star Boulevard Cd 114Album2004Details
2219Status Quo - Star Boulevard Cd 214Album2004Details
970Stavesacre - Self Titled11Album2002Details
3808Steinman - Dance Of The Vampires14AlbumDetails
2159Step - Mind Bombing30Album2004Details
284Stephane Grappelli & Teresa Brewer - On The Road Again16Album1978Details
1600Stereophonics - Parlophone12AlbumDetails
1761Stereophonics - Performance & Cocktails13Album1999Details
1617Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back13Album2003Details
3184Stetsasonic - In Full Gear17Album1988Details
3465Stevie Wonder - A Time To Love15Album2005Details
134Stevie Wonder - The Very BO Cd 120Album2000Details
135Stevie Wonder - The Very BO Cd 220Album2002Details
224Sting - Fields Of Gold17AlbumDetails
2772Sting - My Funny Valentine18Album2005Details
379Sting - Nothing Like The Sun12Album1987Details
1374Sting - Sacred Love14Album2003Details
474Sting And The Police - The Very Best Of18AlbumDetails
2749Stratovarius - Dreamspace14AlbumDetails
858Street Lordz - Platinum Masterpiece19AlbumDetails
3956Streetlife - Street Education15Album2005Details
993Sublime - Greatest Hits10AlbumDetails
2708Suede - Singles21Album2003Details
211Sugababes - Angels With Dirty Faces14Album2002Details
3373Sugababes - Taller In More Ways11Album2005Details
1405Sugababes - Three14Album2003Details
1067Sugar Ray - In The Pursuit Of Leisure12AlbumDetails
4027Sugarland - Enjoy The Ride11Album2006Details
443Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected12AlbumDetails
951Sunset Black - Common Ground12Album2002Details
2561Sunz Of Man - Freedom Of Speech20Album2004Details
3185Sunz Of Man - First Testament15AlbumDetails
2693Sunz Of Man - Nothing New Under The Sun28Album2004Details
2590Sunz Of Man - Saviorz Day18Album2002Details
2490Sunz Of Man - The Last Shall Be First19Album1998Details
3571Super Bachata 2005 Vol 118Various2005Details
3957Super Bachata 2006 Volume 120Various2006Details
1626Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound06Album1985Details
556Supertramp - Classics Vol 914AlbumDetails
2226Supertramp - The Very Best Of Supertramp15AlbumDetails
912Suzanne Vega - 99 pt 9 F deg12AlbumDetails
705Svala - The Real Me11AlbumDetails
2694Sweet - The Very Best22Album1996Details
3683Sweetbox - Addicted14Album2006Details
3132Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Alright07Single/Maxi1997Details
3110Sweetbox - I'll Die For You (Maxi)05Single/MaxiDetails
469Sweetbox - Jade14AlbumDetails
3029Sweetbox - The Best Of Sweetbox 1995-200520Album2005Details
3264Syleena Johnson - Chapter 3 The Flesh16Album2005Details
2292Sylver - Nighttime Calls14Album2004Details
1309Symphony X - Twilight In Olympus08AlbumDetails
2418System F - Gouryella (Best)14Album2004Details
842System F - Together15AlbumDetails
3374System Of A Down - Hypnotize12AlbumDetails
3503System Of A Down - Hypnotize 200512Album2005Details
3375System Of A Down - Mesmerize11Album2005Details
345System Of A Down - Steal This Album16AlbumDetails
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