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Keith Urban - Be Here
The Lion King
DMX - And Then There Was X
2 Black - Waves Of Luv
Damien Rice - O
Large Professor - First Class
RefAlbum TitleTracksTypeRelease 
1446T.I. - Trap Muzik16Album2003Details
1475Taj Mahal - Blues With Feeling20Album2003Details
1722Take That - & Party13Album1992Details
4015Take That - Beautiful World12Album2006Details
1723Take That - Everything Changes13Album1993Details
3475Take That - Never Forget19AlbumDetails
2769Takida - Best Of18Album2004Details
2722Takin Da Industry By Storm Pt. 534Various2005Details
553Taktouka Charkia12VariousDetails
2548Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle16Album2004Details
2471Talib Kweli - Quality15AlbumDetails
2438Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - Train Of Thought19AlbumDetails
107Talk Talk - It's My Life09Album1984Details
1620Talking Heads - Popular Favorites 1984-199218Album1992Details
2313Talking Heads - The Best Of18AlbumDetails
2080Talla 2xlc - Tranceology Cd 110Album2004Details
2081Talla 2xlc - Tranceology Cd 210Album2004Details
1506Tamia - Still12Album2003Details
1627Tangerine Dream - Dream Mixes10Album1995Details
1622Tangerine Dream - The Best Of11Album1989Details
468Tank - One Man18AlbumDetails
1971Tanya Stephens - Gangsta Blues17AlbumDetails
3961Tanya Stephens - Rebelution20Album2006Details
3619Tanya Stephens - Ruff Rider16AlbumDetails
1277Taproot - Gift12AlbumDetails
3828Tarkan - Come Closer15Album2006Details
1253Tarkan - Dudu14Album2004Details
1886Tatu - 200 Po Vstrechnoi11Album2001Details
255Tatu - 200Kmh In The Wrong Lane12AlbumDetails
3350Tatu - Dangerous And Moving12Album2005Details
192Tatyana Ali - Kiss The Sky12Album1998Details
3422Tavares - Anthology Cd 115AlbumDetails
3423Tavares - Anthology Cd 216AlbumDetails
1387Taxi III19Ost2003Details
2355Team America World Police16OstDetails
2938Tears For Fears - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending12AlbumDetails
2383Tears For Fears - Ultimate Collection Cd115AlbumDetails
2384Tears For Fears - Ultimate Collection Cd215AlbumDetails
2796Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech18Album2005Details
389Techno Disco Party (Mega Mix)20VariousDetails
1553Techno Tuning 717Various2003Details
835Technotronic - The Greatest Hits15AlbumDetails
1694Tenacious D - Tenacious D20Album2001Details
3989Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny15Album2006Details
2892Tequila - Tequila18Album2005Details
1185Terence Trent Darby - Best Of Cd 112AlbumDetails
1186Terence Trent Darby - Best Of Cd 219AlbumDetails
2139Terra Ambient - The Darker Space07Album2002Details
2784Terri Walker - L.O.V.E12Album2005Details
3643Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Side Of The Shark03Vinyl2006Details
2622Testament - The Very Best Of15Album2001Details
1509Texas - Careful What You Wish For12Album2003Details
2785Texas - Mothers Heaven11AlbumDetails
3265Texas - Red Book12Album2005Details
1762Texas - The Greatest Hits18Album1998Details
104Texas - The Hush12Album1999Details
3067Thalia - El Sexto Sentido15Album2005Details
1269Thalia - Thalia14Album2003Details
1270Thalia - Thalia (Interlude Cd 2)11Album2003Details
2915The Alchemist - Insomnia21Album2003Details
2716The Almighty - Powertrippin 12AlbumDetails
378The Art Of Noise - Art Works10AlbumDetails
377The Art Of Noise - Art Works 12''10AlbumDetails
1278The Bates - Pleasure + Pain13AlbumDetails
1601The Beatles - 127Album2000Details
1592The Beatles - 1962-1966 Cd 113Album1973Details
1593The Beatles - 1962-1966 Cd 213Album1973Details
1594The Beatles - 1967-1970 Cd 114Album1973Details
1595The Beatles - 1967-1970 Cd 214Album1973Details
1134The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night13AlbumDetails
1763The Beatles - Abbey Road17Album1969Details
4016The Beatles - Love Retail26Album2006Details
1764The Beatles - Past Masters (Volume 2)15Album1988Details
1765The Beatles - Rubber Soul14Album1965Details
2957The Beatles Chill Out Vol.115Album2005Details
1972The Best Heavy Metal Album In The World... Ever! Cd 120VariousDetails
1973The Best Heavy Metal Album In The World... Ever! Cd 216VariousDetails
1874The Best Of - Belly Dance16Various2004Details
3543The Best Of Christmas - Disk 120Various2005Details
3544The Best Of Christmas - Disk 219Various2005Details
3139The Best Of Country & Western Cd 117VariousDetails
3140The Best Of Country & Western Cd 217VariousDetails
1920The Best Of Rai10Various2004Details
3454The Best Smooth Jazz Ever - Volume 2 Cd 115VariousDetails
3455The Best Smooth Jazz Ever - Volume 2 Cd 215VariousDetails
3456The Best Smooth Jazz Ever - Volume 2 Cd 315VariousDetails
3457The Best Smooth Jazz Ever - Volume 2 Cd 415VariousDetails
1623The Bodyguard15Ost1992Details
865The Cardigans - Long Gone Before Daylight11AlbumDetails
2717The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button11Album2004Details
719The Christmas Album Cd 118AlbumDetails
718The Christmas Album Cd 222AlbumDetails
1636The Christmas Party Album10Various2003Details
1766The Clash - The Clash15Album1979Details
1752The Commitments14Ost1991Details
886The Commodores - Best Hits15AlbumDetails
3793The Coral - The Invisible Invasion12Album2005Details
1532The Corrs - Best Of18Album2001Details
2027The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven12Album2004Details
3266The Corrs - Home12Album2005Details
815The Cranberries - Stars (The B O 1992-2002)20Album2002Details
1794The Crox - The Crox11Album2000Details
363The Cure - Disintegration12Album1989Details
555The Cure - Mixed Up11AlbumDetails
3734The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell And Back10Album2005Details
924The Datsuns - The Datsuns10AlbumDetails
1767The Dazes - Feel The Need10Album1997Details
227The Definitive Simon & Garfunkel20AlbumDetails
2326The Disco Years Vol 1 Turn The Beat Around16VariousDetails
2327The Disco Years Vol 2 On The Beat16VariousDetails
2328The Disco Years Vol 3 Boogie Fever18VariousDetails
2329The Disco Years Vol 4 Lost In Music17VariousDetails
2330The Disco Years Vol 5 Must Be The Music18VariousDetails
2202The Dome Vol.31 Cd 121Various2004Details
2203The Dome Vol.31 Cd 221Various2004Details
742The Doors14Ost1991Details
376The Doors - L.A.Woman [1971]10AlbumDetails
1786The Doors - The Best Of17Album2000Details
791The Exies - Inertia11AlbumDetails
3665The Fatback Band & Bah Samba - Spanish Hustle03Album2006Details
3928The Feeling - Twelve Stops And Home12Album2006Details
2208The Fighting Temptations15Ost2003Details
3186The Four Horsemen - Horsemen Project09AlbumDetails
4017The Fratellis - Costello Music13Album2006Details
1996The Full Monty13Ost1997Details
1769The Fureys - Finest (All Time Favorites)16Album1992Details
1396The Fureys & Davey Arthur - Live At Dublin Stadium11AlbumDetails
3279The Game - Ghost Unit20Album2005Details
3127The Game - The Documentary18AlbumDetails
2676The Game - West Coast Resurrection (Adv)14Album2005Details
2035The Gathering - Downfall - The Early Years13Album2001Details
1704The Gathering - Souvenirs10Album2003Details
1784The Greatest Irish Cd 120Various1997Details
1785The Greatest Irish Cd 220Various1997Details
2899The High And Mighty - The Highlite Zone16Album2003Details
923The Hives - Barely Legal14AlbumDetails
2872The Hives - Live At The Wireless14Album2005Details
3742The Honkers - Roll Up Your Sleeves13AlbumDetails
310The Hot Line - Tunisian Four 2001 (Live at 3 Dauphins Sousse)14Album2001Details
1768The Irish Rovers - Live At The Shamrock12AlbumDetails
3069The Island15Ost2005Details
3080The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze (Greatest Hits)17Album2005Details
2705The Jacka - The Jack Artist19Album2005Details
2473The Jackson 5 - Abc12Album1970Details
1726The Kinks - You Really Got Me (The Very Best Of) Cd 118Album1994Details
1727The Kinks - You Really Got Me (The Very Best Of) Cd 218Album1994Details
3086The Klf - America What Time Is Love04Single/Maxi1991Details
3087The Klf - Justified & Ancient05Single/Maxi1991Details
1637The Last Dance20Ost2001Details
411The Last Of The Mohicans16Ost1992Details
1684The Last Samurai11Ost2003Details
194The Lion King12Ost1997Details
913The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring17OstDetails
1603The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King19Ost2003Details
1604The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers17Ost2002Details
232The Loud Minority - Mixed By Steve Z16VariousDetails
103The Lox - Money, Power & Respect20Album1998Details
3216The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers12AlbumDetails
2102The Magic Of Motown Cd 120Various2004Details
2103The Magic Of Motown Cd 220Various2004Details
1770The Mamas And The Papas - The Best Of20Album1995Details
876The Music - The Music10AlbumDetails
1327The Neptunes - Clones18Album2003Details
3884The Notorious Big - Duets (The Final Chapter)22Album2005Details
1854The Passion Of The Christ15Ost2004Details
2939The Phantom Of The Opera Cd 113Album2004Details
2940The Phantom Of The Opera Cd 211Album2004Details
1554The Piano And The Song Cd 118Various2003Details
1555The Piano And The Song Cd 217Various2003Details
1771The Pogues - The Best Of14Album1991Details
2385The Police - Synchronicity11AlbumDetails
375The Police - Their Greatest Hits13Album1990Details
106The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta11Album1980Details
905The Prodigals - Dreaming in Hell's Kitchen12AlbumDetails
3089The Prodigy - Out Of Space Complete04Single/Maxi1992Details
3307The Pussycat Dolls - Pcd12Album2005Details
1494The Rasmus - Dead Letters12Album2003Details
3267The Rasmus - Hide From The Sunfor11AlbumDetails
2357The Republic - So They Run07AlbumDetails
234The Reverberated Note - Mixed By Teddy14VariousDetails
3217The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang For16AlbumDetails
407The Rolling Stones - More Hot Rocks Cd 112AlbumDetails
406The Rolling Stones - More Hot Rocks Cd 213AlbumDetails
2386The Rolling Stones - Twick Licks (Live) Cd111AlbumDetails
2387The Rolling Stones - Twick Licks (Live) Cd209AlbumDetails
3005The Roots - Phrenology18Album2002Details
3004The Roots - The Tipping Point11AlbumDetails
1308The Rough Guide To Rai15VariousDetails
2425The Sacred World Cd 116VariousDetails
2426The Sacred World Cd 215VariousDetails
1773The Saw Doctors - If This Is Rock & Roll15Album1994Details
1774The Saw Doctors - Sing A Powerful Song17Album1997Details
1719The Sisters of Mercy - Event Horizon16Album1998Details
2293The Soul Box Disc 121VariousDetails
2294The Soul Box Disc 220VariousDetails
2295The Soul Box Disc 320VariousDetails
2502The Streets - Grand Don T Come For Free11Album2004Details
3754The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living11Album2006Details
3546The String Quartet Tribute To Iron Maiden - Anatomy Of Evil10AlbumDetails
3743The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth14Album2005Details
3744The Strokes - Is This It11Album2001Details
1395The Strokes - Room On Fire11Album2003Details
3745The Strokes - Room On Fire11Album2003Details
233The Tech Heritage Mixed By Teddy13VariousDetails
1055The Temptations - Best of V 111AlbumDetails
1685The Ultimate Club Dance Collection18VariousDetails
914The Union Underground - An Education in Rebellion11AlbumDetails
964The Verve - Urban hymns11AlbumDetails
3755The Vines - Vision Valley13Album2006Details
1907The Vines - Winning Days11Album2004Details
536The Wash17Ost2001Details
1775The Waterboys - The Best Of 81-9012Album1991Details
1068The White Stripes - Elephant14Album2003Details
2925The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan13Album2005Details
1397The Wolfe Tones - Greatest Hits16Album1999Details
3424The Zutons - Who Killed The Zutons12AlbumDetails
1795Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly11Album2002Details
3649Theodore Unit - 718 (Sure Shot)16Album2004Details
3442Therapy - High Anxiety12Album2003Details
3444Therapy - Infernal Love11AlbumDetails
3443Therapy - Troublegum14AlbumDetails
217Thicke - Cherry Blue Skies12AlbumDetails
2884Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy13Album2000Details
1131Thired Eye Blind - Out Of The Vein13Album2003Details
1847Thomas Anders - This Time13Album2004Details
1165Thrice - First Impressions07AlbumDetails
387Thunderdome Cd 0119VariousDetails
388Thunderdome X Cd 0219VariousDetails
940Thursday - Five Stories Falling05Album2002Details
3202Tim Mcgraw - Greatest Hits15AlbumDetails
2443Timbaland And Magoo - Under Construction Part 216AlbumDetails
3187Timbo King & Spark 950 - United We Slam20AlbumDetails
2296Tina Turner - All The Best18Album2004Details
2331Tiromancino - Illusioni Parallele11AlbumDetails
2459Titiyo - Best Of Titiyo18AlbumDetails
442TLC - 3D13AlbumDetails
1198TLC - Fanmail17Album1999Details
1796TLC - Now & Forever19Album2004Details
1556TMF Awards 2003 Cd 119Various2003Details
1557TMF Awards 2003 Cd 220Various2003Details
433Tmf Hit Zone Vol 1814VariousDetails
1558TMF Hitzone 2320Various2003Details
3203Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 214AlbumDetails
3195Toby Keith - Honkytonk University12Album2005Details
3867Toby Keith - White Trash With Money12Album2006Details
1467Tom Jones - Delilah12Album1968Details
467Tom Jones - Mr Jones12AlbumDetails
1025Tom Jones - Reload17AlbumDetails
1899Tom Jones - The Complete Tom Jones20Album1993Details
789Tom McRae - Just Like Blood (Retail)10AlbumDetails
532Tom Petty - The Last Dj12Album2002Details
1728Tom Waits - Closing Time12Album1973Details
1638Tomita - Greatest Hits14Album1980Details
3268Toni Braxton - Libra10Album2005Details
593Toni Braxton - More Than A Woman12AlbumDetails
980Toni Braxton - Secrets12AlbumDetails
203Toni Braxton - The Heat12AlbumDetails
1498Toni Braxton - Ultimate Toni Braxton18Album2003Details
3123Tony Christie - Definitive Collection21Album2005Details
2723Tony Christie - The Best Of16AlbumDetails
3070Tony Touch - The Reggaetony Album18Album2005Details
1242Tool - Aenima15AlbumDetails
1243Tool - Undertow10Album1993Details
354Toots Thielemans - The Silver Collection16Album1985Details
353Toots Thielemans & Jonny Teupen & Paul Kuhn - Just Friends14Album1986Details
3832Top 20 Winter Extra 2004 - Die Deutshe Hitparade15AlbumDetails
1559Top 40 Hits 2003 Vol 220Various2003Details
994Tori Amos - Covering Em (Ltd. Edition)13Album2000Details
995Tori Amos - Scarlet Walk18Album2002Details
1526Tori Amos - Tales Of A Librarian20Album2003Details
1135Tortoise - TNT12AlbumDetails
1231Total - Kima, Keisha & Pam18AlbumDetails
2204Total Science - Good Game12Album2004Details
3218Totally Country17Various2005Details
792Toto - Love Songs15AlbumDetails
2205Toto - The Essential Toto Cd116Album2004Details
2206Toto - The Essential Toto Cd216Album2004Details
1485Toy Box - Tarzan & Jane03Single/MaxiDetails
1937Track List - Hip Hop Underground 1214VariousDetails
996Tracy Chapman - Collection16Album2001Details
441Tracy Chapman - Let It Rain12Album2002Details
1023Tracy Chapman - Matters Of The Heart10AlbumDetails
1635Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories11Album2000Details
3327Tracy Chapman - Where You Live For11Album2005Details
2364Tragedie - A Fleur De Peau12Album2004Details
1132Train - My Private Nation11Album2003Details
1974Trance Opera16VariousDetails
2087Trancemaster 4002 2004 Cd 111Various2004Details
2088Trancemaster 4002 2004 Cd 211Various2004Details
1367Travis - 12 Memories11Album2003Details
63Travis - The Invisible Band09Album2001Details
1144Travis - The Man Who10AlbumDetails
1118Tribalismo Tribal Dance Cd 116VariousDetails
1280Tribalismo Tribal Dance Cd 216VariousDetails
2388Tribute To Depech Mode16AlbumDetails
3746Trick Trick - The People Vs Proper16Album2005Details
1187Tricky - Vulnerable13AlbumDetails
37Trigirlz - Smarter Than Reality10Album2002Details
3328Trina - Glamorest Life13Album2005Details
2082Triplex - Katapulta11Album2004Details
2083Triplex - Osteregaites Poddelok11Album2004Details
2857Trish Murphy - Girls Get In For Free11Album2005Details
1848Tristania - Beyond The Veil13Album1999Details
3613Trivium - Ascendancy12Album2005Details
1932Tropical Tribute To The Beatles13Various1996Details
697Trustcompany - The Lonely Position Of Neutral12AlbumDetails
1849Truth Hurts - Ready Now11Album2004Details
1282Tunisia Dreams - Dance Du Club Vol 117Various2003Details
2020Tunisia Souvenirs17Various2004Details
2841Tunisia Souvenirs Version 220VariousDetails
1676Tunisian Folklor 210Various2004Details
1677Tunisian Maalouf06Various2004Details
1024Turin Brakes - Ether Song12AlbumDetails
1634Turk - Raw & Uncut15Album2003Details
1279Turntablerocker - Classic17AlbumDetails
2958Tutto Dance 200512Various2005Details
585Twarres - Cd 212AlbumDetails
2647Tweet - It's Me Again (Advance)15Album2005Details
831Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music11AlbumDetails
1812Twista - Kamikaze16Album2004Details
3308Twista - The Day After15Album2005Details
952Type O Negative - World Coming Down13AlbumDetails
797Tyrese - I Wanna Go There14AlbumDetails
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