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Devo - The Best Of (Hot Potatoes)
Simply The Best Of The 60's Cd 4
Massive Attack - Collected Cd 1
Faith Evans - Best Of Faith Evans
50 Years of Greatest Hit (Singles) Cd 1
Said - De Swing Et De Soul
Chumbawamba - A Singsong And A Scrap
RefSong Title 
5670A Kind Of Magic - QueenLyric
43874A Perfect Circle - BlueLyric
43973A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (Resident RenholdLyric
59404A Studio Feat Polina - Sos (Skylark Vocal Mix)Lyric
59529A Studio Feat Polina - Sos (Skylark Vocal Mix)Lyric
58401A Teens - Upside DownLyric
18902A1 - Let It OutLyric
13376A1 - Summertime Of Our LivesLyric
5296Aaliyah - 4 Page LetterLyric
19658Aaliyah - 4 Page LetterLyric
5292Aaliyah - A Girl Like YouLyric
19654Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing But A NumberLyric
3589Aaliyah - Are You That SomebodyLyric
19662Aaliyah - Are You That SomebodyLyric
19652Aaliyah - Back And ForthLyric
5294Aaliyah - Choosey LoverLyric
5297Aaliyah - Everything's Gonne Be AlrightLyric
30767Aaliyah - Extra SmoothLyric
18608Aaliyah - Extra SmoothLyric
5298Aaliyah - Giving You MoreLyric
5295Aaliyah - Got To Give It UpLyric
5301Aaliyah - HeartbrokenLyric
5290Aaliyah - Hot Like FireLyric
19659Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Remix)Lyric
14746Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Timbalands Groove Mix)Lyric
18610Aaliyah - I Can BeLyric
30772Aaliyah - I Can BeLyric
30766Aaliyah - I Care 4 YouLyric
19663Aaliyah - I Don't WannaLyric
12691Aaliyah - I Don't WannaLyric
5299Aaliyah - I Gotchea BackLyric
18605Aaliyah - I RefuseLyric
30770Aaliyah - I Refuse Lyric
5293Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only KnewLyric
19656Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only KnewLyric
16768Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew (Funkymix) 88 BpmLyric
19670Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)Lyric
30771Aaliyah - It's WhateverLyric
18604Aaliyah - It's WhateverLyric
5303Aaliyah - Ladies In Da HouseLyric
30762Aaliyah - Loose RapLyric
18611Aaliyah - Loose RapLyric
35588Aaliyah - Miss YouLyric
32778Aaliyah - Miss YouLyric
19669Aaliyah - More Than A WomanLyric
16948Aaliyah - More Than a WomanLyric
30764Aaliyah - More Than A WomanLyric
5302Aaliyah - Never Comin BackLyric
5300Aaliyah - Never Givin UpLyric
18607Aaliyah - Never No MoreLyric
30765Aaliyah - Never No MoreLyric
19657Aaliyah - One In A MillionLyric
19671Aaliyah - One In A Million (Darkchild ReLyric
254Aaliyah - One In A Million (Ginuine Remix)Lyric
30768Aaliyah - Read Between The LinesLyric
19668Aaliyah - Rock The BoatLyric
30763Aaliyah - Rock The BoatLyric
36341Aaliyah - Rock The BoatLyric
19660Aaliyah - The One I Gave My Heart ToLyric
30773Aaliyah - Those Were The DaysLyric
18606Aaliyah - Those Were The DaysLyric
30775Aaliyah - Try AgainLyric
19664Aaliyah - Try AgainLyric
54995Aaliyah - Try Again (D'jam Hassan Remix)Lyric
16770Aaliyah - Try Again (Funkymix)Lyric
54996Aaliyah - Try Again (Krunchie Remix 30-11-04)Lyric
14854Aaliyah - Try Again (Remix)Lyric
54994Aaliyah - Try Again (Timbaland Remix)Lyric
16769Aaliyah - Try Again (Urg Remix)Lyric
30761Aaliyah - We Need A ResolutionLyric
19667Aaliyah - We Need A ResolutionLyric
16767Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution (Funkymix)Lyric
30774Aaliyah - What IfLyric
18609Aaliyah - What IfLyric
30769Aaliyah - You Got NerveLyric
16949Aaliyah & Eminem & Jay-Z - Try Again (EW Remix)Lyric
13046Aaliyah & Timberland - Try AgainLyric
13057Aaliyah & Timberland - Try Again (Remix)Lyric
2604Aaron Carter - Crazy Little Party GirlLyric
24405Aaron lines - CloseLyric
24404Aaron lines - I will be thereLyric
24410Aaron lines - Knock on woodLyric
24406Aaron lines - Living out loudLyric
24403Aaron lines - Love changes everythingLyric
24411Aaron lines - Old days newLyric
24412Aaron lines - She called me kansasLyric
24407Aaron lines - Turn it up (i like the sound of that)Lyric
24413Aaron lines - You get the pictureLyric
12085Abba - ChiquititaLyric
38073Abba - Dancing QueenLyric
12086Abba - Dancing QueenLyric
32420Abba - Dancing QueenLyric
38087Abba - Does Your Mother KnowLyric
12087Abba - Does Your Mother KnowLyric
18003Abba - FernandoLyric
38084Abba - FernandoLyric
12089Abba - FernandoLyric
38086Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)Lyric
38079Abba - I Have A DreamLyric
12091Abba - I Have A DreamLyric
38074Abba - Knowing Me Knowing YouLyric
12092Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing YouLyric
38077Abba - Lay All Your Love On MeLyric
12093Abba - Lay All Your Love On MeLyric
38076Abba - Mamma MiaLyric
12094Abba - Mamma MiaLyric
38081Abba - Money Money MoneyLyric
12095Abba - Money Money MoneyLyric
38088Abba - One Of UsLyric
12096Abba - One Of UsLyric
38078Abba - Super TrouperLyric
12097Abba - Super TrouperLyric
12099Abba - Take A Chance On MeLyric
38075Abba - Take A Chance On MeLyric
38090Abba - Thank You For The MusicLyric
38089Abba - The Name Of The GameLyric
12101Abba - The Name Of The GamesLyric
12102Abba - The Winner Takes It AllLyric
38080Abba - The Winner Takes It AllLyric
12103Abba - Voulez VousLyric
38085Abba - Voulez VousLyric
38091Abba - WaterlooLyric
18004Abba - WaterlooLyric
33933Abs - 7 WaysLyric
33941Abs - Angel (With The One And Only)Lyric
33934Abs - Back To The LimboLyric
33939Abs - EmotionalLyric
33937Abs - Lovers RockLyric
33931Abs - Miss PerfectLyric
33935Abs - RainLyric
33938Abs - Roll With MeLyric
33940Abs - ShameLyric
33930Abs - Stop SignLyric
33936Abs - Turn Me UpLyric
468Ace Of Base - All That She WantsLyric
469Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (Banghra Version)Lyric
60373Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (Banghra Version)Lyric
13224Ace Of Base - All That Wants (Reggea Mix)Lyric
10554Ace Of Base - Beautiful LifeLyric
20675Ace Of Base - Beautiful MorningsLyric
10570Ace Of Base - Blooming 18Lyric
20683Ace Of Base - Change With The LightLyric
20677Ace Of Base - Da CapoLyric
401Ace Of Base - Dancer In A DaydreamLyric
10557Ace Of Base - Edge Of HeavenLyric
10569Ace Of Base - Experience PearlsLyric
398Ace Of Base - Fashion PartyLyric
399Ace Of Base - Happy NationLyric
20684Ace Of Base - Hey DarlingLyric
10567Ace Of Base - Just 'N' ImageLyric
467Ace Of Base - Life Is A FlowerLyric
8353Ace Of Base - Life Is A Flower (Milk Inc Uht Radio Mix)Lyric
10556Ace Of Base - Luky LoveLyric
10568Ace Of Base - Luky Love (Acoustic Version)Lyric
400Ace Of Base - Munchhausen (Just Chaos)Lyric
10563Ace Of Base - My Deja VuLyric
396Ace Of Base - My Mind (Mindless Mix)Lyric
10555Ace Of Base - Never Gonna Say I'm SorryLyric
1340Ace Of Base - No Good LoverLyric
20679Ace Of Base - Ordinary DayLyric
10560Ace Of Base - Perfect WorldLyric
10566Ace Of Base - Que SeraLyric
10559Ace Of Base - RavineLyric
20681Ace Of Base - Show Me LoveLyric
10558Ace Of Base - Strange WaysLyric
16771Ace Of Base - The Sign (Ultimix Remix)Lyric
5793Ace Of Base - Travel To RomantisLyric
20674Ace Of Base - UnspeakableLyric
403Ace Of Base - Voulez-Vous DanserLyric
402Ace Of Base - Waiting For MagicLyric
10565Ace Of Base - Wave Wet SandLyric
20678Ace Of Base - What's The Name Of The GameLyric
470Ace Of Base - Wheel Of FortuneLyric
404Ace Of Base - Wheel Of Fortune (Original Club Mix)Lyric
10562Ace Of Base - Whispers In BlindnessLyric
20680Ace Of Base - Wonderful LifeLyric
20682Ace Of Base - World Down UnderLyric
10564Ace Of Base - You And ILyric
405Ace Of Base - Young And ProudLyric
26983Adema - Blow It AwayLyric
26987Adema - Close FriendsLyric
26988Adema - Do What You Want To DoLyric
26992Adema - DrowningLyric
26982Adema - EveryoneLyric
26985Adema - Freaking OutLyric
26984Adema - Giving InLyric
26990Adema - Pain InsideLyric
26989Adema - SkinLyric
26991Adema - SpeculumLyric
26986Adema - The Way You Like ItLyric
18312Adema - The Way You Like ItLyric
26993Adema - TrustLyric
29393Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Bpm 93)Lyric
4902Aerosmith - Ain't That A BitchLyric
23922Aerosmith - AmazingLyric
23928Aerosmith - AngelLyric
38722Aerosmith - Angel Lyric
4903Aerosmith - Attitude AdjustmentLyric
38711Aerosmith - Blind Man Lyric
23923Aerosmith - Blind ManLyric
38704Aerosmith - Can't Stop Messin' Lyric
4904Aerosmith - CrashLyric
23926Aerosmith - CrazyLyric
18618Aerosmith - CrazyLyric
38707Aerosmith - Crazy Lyric
23921Aerosmith - Cryin'Lyric
38709Aerosmith - Deuces Are Wild Lyric
23924Aerosmith - Deuces Are WildLyric
23919Aerosmith - DudeLyric
38699Aerosmith - Eat The RichLyric
23927Aerosmith - Eat The RichLyric
4905Aerosmith - Fallen AngelsLyric
2699Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Lyric
4906Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Lyric
4907Aerosmith - Falling OffLyric
4908Aerosmith - Full CircleLyric
4909Aerosmith - Hole In My SoulLyric
11063Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A ThingLyric
23920Aerosmith - Janie's Got A GunLyric
4910Aerosmith - Kiss Your Past Good-ByeLyric
23929Aerosmith - Living On The EdgeLyric
23916Aerosmith - Love In ElevatorLyric
4911Aerosmith - Nine LivesLyric
4912Aerosmith - PinkLyric
38720Aerosmith - Rag Doll Lyric
23917Aerosmith - Rag DollLyric
38708Aerosmith - Shut Up And Dance Lyric
4913Aerosmith - Something's Gotta GiveLyric
18697Aerosmith - Sweet EmotionLyric
11256Aerosmith - Taste Of IndiaLyric
4914Aerosmith - Taste Of IndiaLyric
4915Aerosmith - The FarmLyric
38726Aerosmith - The Other Side Lyric
23925Aerosmith - The Other SideLyric
38710Aerosmith - Walk On Water Lyric
23915Aerosmith - Walk On WaterLyric
23918Aerosmith - What It TakesLyric
38727Aerosmith - What It Takes Lyric
16773Afroman - Because I Got HighLyric
28391Afroman - Because I Got HighLyric
21193Afroman - Because I Got HighLyric
56856Afroman - Because I Got High (Paulb Homemade)Lyric
42257Afroman - Colt 45Lyric
28392Afroman - Crazy RapLyric
28394Afroman - HushLyric
28398Afroman - PalmdaleLyric
28397Afroman - Tall CansLyric
28400Afroman - The American DreamLyric
28395Afroman - TumbleweedLyric
34158A-Ha - A Little BitLyric
34156A-Ha - Afternoon HighLyric
70845A-Ha - Analogue (All I Want)Lyric
34161A-Ha - Cannot HideLyric
34155A-Ha - Did Anyone Approach YouLyric
34163A-Ha - DragonflyLyric
34152A-Ha - Forever Not YoursLyric
34159A-Ha - Less Than PureLyric
34150A-Ha - LifelinesLyric
34164A-Ha - SolaceLyric
34154A-Ha - Time And AgainLyric
34160A-Ha - Turn The Lights DownLyric
34162A-Ha - White CanvasLyric
34151A-Ha - You Wanted MoreLyric
37635Air - Another DayLyric
37637Air - BiologicalLyric
37630Air - Cherry Blossom GirlLyric
37631Air - RunLyric
37629Air - VenusLyric
41233Akon - Don't Let UpLyric
41234Akon - Easy RoadLyric
41226Akon - GangstaLyric
41227Akon - GhettoLyric
41232Akon - JourneyLyric
41223Akon - Locked UpLyric
41870Akon - Locked UpLyric
56078Akon - Locked UpLyric
41235Akon - Locked Up (Remix)Lyric
49953Akon - Locked Up (Xcess Remix)Lyric
41869Akon - LonelyLyric
54916Akon - LonelyLyric
41230Akon - LonelyLyric
60181Akon - LonelyLyric
65977Akon - Lonely (Global Pelboyz Radio Remix)Lyric
65976Akon - Lonely (Global Pelboyz Ready To Rock Remix)Lyric
41228Akon - Pot Of GoldLyric
57779Akon & Baby Bash - No Way JoseLyric
16775Alain Souchon - Allo Maman BoboLyric
60881Alain Souchon - Allô maman boboLyric
69063Alain Souchon - Et si en plus y'a personneLyric
18585Alain souchon - foule sentimentaleLyric
60872Alain Souchon - Foule sentimentaleLyric
43512Alan Jackson - If French Fries Were Fat FreeLyric
43511Alan Jackson - If Love Was A RiverLyric
43517Alan Jackson - Monday Morning ChurchLyric
43509Alan Jackson - Rainy Day In JuneLyric
43516Alan Jackson - Strong EnoughLyric
43514Alan Jackson - There Ya GoLyric
43519Alan Jackson - To Do What I DoLyric
43508Alan Jackson - Too Much Of A Good ThingLyric
43510Alan Jackson - Usa TodayLyric
43513Alan Jackson - You Don't Have To Paint Me A PictureLyric
22645Alanis Morissette - 21 Things I Want In A LoverLyric
22652Alanis Morissette - A ManLyric
24050Alanis Morissette - Fear Of BlissLyric
22648Alanis Morissette - FlinchLyric
22647Alanis Morissette - Hands CleanLyric
24058Alanis Morissette - Hands Clean (Acoustic)Lyric
26958Alanis Morissette - Head over feetLyric
26960Alanis Morissette - I Was HopingLyric
13498Alanis Morissette - IronicLyric
26961Alanis Morissette - IronicLyric
21546Alanis Morissette - IronicLyric
26955Alanis Morissette - Joining youLyric
22646Alanis Morissette - NarcissusLyric
24054Alanis Morissette - OfferLyric
22650Alanis Morissette - Precious IllusionsLyric
24056Alanis Morissette - Simple TogetherLyric
24053Alanis Morissette - Sister BlisterLyric
22649Alanis Morissette - So UnsexyLyric
24052Alanis Morissette - Sorry To MyselfLyric
26957Alanis Morissette - That I would be GoodLyric
22651Alanis Morissette - That Particular TimeLyric
35255Alanis Morissette - UninvitedLyric
24055Alanis Morissette - Unprodigal DaughterLyric
22655Alanis Morissette - UtopiaLyric
26954Alanis Morissette - You LearnLyric
22653Alanis Morissette - You Owe Me Nothing In ReturnLyric
71188Alexz Johnson - 24 HoursLyric
66387Alicia Keys - DiaryLyric
35839Alicia Keys - Dragon DaysLyric
66384Alicia Keys - Every Little Bit HurtsLyric
69960Alicia Keys - Every Little Bit Hurts (Live)Lyric
35843Alicia Keys - Feeling You Feeling Me (Interlude)Lyric
35832Alicia Keys - Harlems NocturneLyric
66378Alicia Keys - HeartburnLyric
35834Alicia Keys - HeartburnLyric
35837Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got YouLyric
66382Alicia Keys - If I Was Your WomanLyric
35835Alicia Keys - If I Was Your Woman (Walk On By)Lyric
35833Alicia Keys - KarmaLyric
66377Alicia Keys - KarmaLyric
35846Alicia Keys - Nobody Not ReallyLyric
35845Alicia Keys - Samsonite ManLyric
35844Alicia Keys - Slow DownLyric
35841Alicia Keys - So SimpleLyric
66389Alicia Keys - Stolen MomentsLyric
66385Alicia Keys - Streets Of New York (City Life)Lyric
66380Alicia Keys - UnbreakableLyric
35840Alicia Keys - Wake UpLyric
35842Alicia Keys - When You Really Love SomeoneLyric
66386Alicia Keys - Wild Horses Ft. Adam LevineLyric
35836Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My NameLyric
42586Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My NameLyric
66388Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My NameLyric
42205Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name (Dj Goldfinger Remix)Lyric
50890Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name (Rmx)Lyric
35838Alicia Keys & Tony Toni Tone - DiaryLyric
31532Alien Ant Farm - Drifting ApartLyric
31534Alien Ant Farm - GlowLyric
31538Alien Ant Farm - GoodbyeLyric
31542Alien Ant Farm - HopeLyric
31537Alien Ant Farm - Never MeantLyric
31540Alien Ant Farm - Rubber MalletLyric
31541Alien Ant Farm - S.S. RecognizeLyric
31536Alien Ant Farm - Sarah WynnLyric
31535Alien Ant Farm - These DaysLyric
31539Alien Ant Farm - Tia LupeLyric
2265All 4 One - A Better ManLyric
2270All 4 One - BreathlessLyric
2267All 4 One - Down To The Last DropLyric
2273All 4 One - Here If You're ReadyLyric
2264All 4 One - Oh GirlLyric
2268All 4 One - So Much In LoveLyric
2271All 4 One - Something About YouLyric
2272All 4 One - The BombLyric
2263All 4 One - Without YouLyric
52802All Saints - AloneLyric
52805All Saints - BegLyric
15514All Saints - Black CoffeeLyric
5326All Saints - Bootie Call Lyric
52798All Saints - Bootie CallLyric
2431All Saints - Bootie Call (Version)Lyric
2433All Saints - I Know Where It's AtLyric
52799All Saints - I Know Where It's At (Original Mix)Lyric
52803All Saints - If You Want To Party (I Found Loving)Lyric
2432All Saints - Lady MarmaladeLyric
52806All Saints - Lady Marmalade ('98 Remix)Lyric
17594All Saints - Lady Marmalade (Remix)Lyric
52797All Saints - Never EverLyric
3244All Saints - Never EverLyric
61218All Saints - Never EverLyric
979All Saints - Never Ever (Album Version)Lyric
52809All Saints - Never Ever (All Star Mix)Lyric
75239All Saints - Rock SteadyLyric
52807All Saints - Take The KeyLyric
52800All Saints - Under The BridgeLyric
16200Alpha Blondy - Amour Papier LongeurLyric
16199Alpha Blondy - Armee FrancaiseLyric
16186Alpha Blondy - Black SamouraiLyric
50324Alpha Blondy - Black SamouraïLyric
16204Alpha Blondy - Boulevard De La MortLyric
8372Alpha Blondy - Brigadier SabariLyric
10150Alpha Blondy - Brigadier SabariLyric
16187Alpha Blondy - Ca Me Fait Si MalLyric
16188Alpha Blondy - Cafe CacaoLyric
50327Alpha Blondy - DictatureLyric
16189Alpha Blondy - DjenebaLyric
50331Alpha Blondy - DjenebaLyric
16190Alpha Blondy - Fulgence KassyLyric
16191Alpha Blondy - God Is OneLyric
50325Alpha Blondy - HaridjinanLyric
16192Alpha Blondy - I Love ParisLyric
16193Alpha Blondy - IdjidjaLyric
62Alpha Blondy - JerusalemLyric
50329Alpha Blondy - Journalistes En Danger (Démocrature)Lyric
50328Alpha Blondy - La Queue Du DiableLyric
16201Alpha Blondy - Les ChiensLyric
50326Alpha Blondy - Les Voleurs De La RépubliqueLyric
50334Alpha Blondy - Lune De MielLyric
42805Alpha Blondy - MasadaLyric
50337Alpha Blondy - MôninLyric
50336Alpha Blondy - Petini Go GaouLyric
16196Alpha Blondy - Ragga GangstarLyric
13135Alpha Blondy - Rendez-VousLyric
50332Alpha Blondy - SabotageLyric
16198Alpha Blondy - SabotageLyric
37197Alpha Blondy - Sébé Allah Y'éLyric
50333Alpha Blondy - Take No PrisonerLyric
19923Alpha Blondy - Travailler C'est Trop DurLyric
50335Alpha Blondy - Waïkiki RockLyric
16202Alpha Blondy - When I Need YouLyric
50330Alpha Blondy - When I Need YouLyric
16203Alpha Blondy & The Solar System - Assinie MafiaLyric
51038Alphaville - Big In JapanLyric
7103Alphaville - Big In JapanLyric
56859Alphaville - Big In JapanLyric
51051Alphaville - Forever YoungLyric
7106Alphaville - Forever YoungLyric
17795Alt - Chely Wright - Till I Was Loved By YouLyric
66507Amerie - 1 ThingLyric
66164Amerie - 1 ThingLyric
66048Amerie - 1 ThingLyric
66059Amerie - 1 Thing (Feat Eve)Lyric
19682Amerie - All I HaveLyric
66056Amerie - Can We Go (Feat Carl Thomas)Lyric
19675Amerie - Can't Let GoLyric
66054Amerie - Come With MeLyric
66058Amerie - FallingLyric
19680Amerie - FloatLyric
19677Amerie - Got To Be ThereLyric
19679Amerie - Hatin' On YouLyric
19678Amerie - I Just DiedLyric
66057Amerie - Just Like MeLyric
66052Amerie - Like It Used To BeLyric
19676Amerie - Need You TonightLyric
66051Amerie - Not The Only OneLyric
19674Amerie - Nothing Like Loving YouLyric
66055Amerie - Rolling Down My FaceLyric
19681Amerie - Show MeLyric
66050Amerie - TouchLyric
47111Amiel - Lovesong (Scumfrog Remix Radio Edit)Lyric
36344Amy Studt - Just A Little GirlLyric
75284Amy Winehouse - AddictedLyric
75278Amy Winehouse - Back To BlackLyric
75283Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold HerLyric
75277Amy Winehouse - Just FriendsLyric
75279Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing GameLyric
75276Amy Winehouse - Me And Mr JonesLyric
75274Amy Winehouse - RehabLyric
75282Amy Winehouse - Some Unholy WarLyric
75280Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their OwnLyric
75281Amy Winehouse - Wake Up AloneLyric
75275Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No GoodLyric
49423Ana Johnsson - 6 Feet UnderLyric
49424Ana Johnsson - Coz I Can (Re-Mix)Lyric
49419Ana Johnsson - Don't Cry For PainLyric
49421Ana Johnsson - I'm StupidLyric
49422Ana Johnsson - LifeLyric
49427Ana Johnsson - Now It's GoneLyric
49418Ana Johnsson - We AreLyric
47898Ana Johnsson - We AreLyric
45211Ana Johnsson - We AreLyric
53483Ana Torroja - Qui A Le Droit (Con Patrick Bruel)Lyric
54701Anastacia - Black RosesLyric
22656Anastacia - Freak of NatureLyric
40138Anastacia - Heavy On My HeartLyric
65836Anastacia - Heavy On My HeartLyric
54698Anastacia - I Ask Of YouLyric
22666Anastacia - I Dreamed YouLyric
54694Anastacia - I´m Outta LoveLyric
14777Anastacia - I'm Outta LoveLyric
12822Anastacia - I'm Outta Love (Album Version)Lyric
12821Anastacia - I'm Outta Love (Matty's Too Deep Mix)Lyric
40135Anastacia - Left Outside AloneLyric
42581Anastacia - Left Outside AloneLyric
65833Anastacia - Left Outside AloneLyric
42990Anastacia - Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Global Club)Lyric
28017Anastacia - Love Is A Crime (Album Version)Lyric
54697Anastacia - Love Is AliveLyric
54700Anastacia - Made For Loving YouLyric
40145Anastacia - Maybe TodayLyric
54693Anastacia - Not That KindLyric
65826Anastacia - Not That KindLyric
18071Anastacia - One Day In Your LifeLyric
65830Anastacia - One Day In Your LifeLyric
22660Anastacia - One Day in Your LifeLyric
54703Anastacia - One More ChanceLyric
22658Anastacia - Overdue GoodbyeLyric
18070Anastacia - Paid My DuesLyric
65829Anastacia - Paid My DuesLyric
22657Anastacia - Paid My DuesLyric
40141Anastacia - Pretty Little Dum DumLyric
40143Anastacia - RearviewLyric
54704Anastacia - Same Old StoryLyric
40134Anastacia - Seasons ChangeLyric
40142Anastacia - Sexy SingleLyric
40136Anastacia - TimeLyric
65835Anastacia - Welcome To My TruthLyric
40140Anastacia - Welcome To My TruthLyric
40144Anastacia - Where Do I BelongLyric
18241Anastacia - Who's Gonna Stop The RainLyric
16778Anastacia - Why'd You Lie To MeLyric
22662Anastacia - Why'd You Lie to MeLyric
54699Anastacia - Wishing WellLyric
22659Anastacia - You'll Never Be AloneLyric
14876Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - You Take My Breath AwayLyric
19685Angie Martinez - A New DayLyric
18092Angie Stone - 20 DollarsLyric
47943Angie Stone - 20 DollarsLyric
47936Angie Stone - Easier Said Than DoneLyric
47942Angie Stone - If It Wasn'tLyric
47941Angie Stone - Mad IssuesLyric
47940Angie Stone - Makings Of You [Interlude]Lyric
47933Angie Stone - More Than A Woman (Duet W, Calvin)Lyric
47932Angie Stone - Pissed OffLyric
47934Angie Stone - SnowflakesLyric
47930Angie Stone - Soul InsuranceLyric
47945Angie Stone - The Heat [Outro]Lyric
47938Angie Stone - The Ingredients Of Love (Duet W, Musiq Soulchild)Lyric
47947Angie Stone - Time Of The Month (Bonus Track)Lyric
47939Angie Stone - What U Dyin' ForLyric
51458Ani Difranco - 32 FlavorsLyric
74378Ani Difranco - A SpadeLyric
51459Ani Difranco - Asking Too MuchLyric
51462Ani Difranco - Coming UpLyric
51451Ani Difranco - Cradle And AllLyric
51461Ani Difranco - Crime For CrimeLyric
74373Ani Difranco - DecreeLyric
26231Ani Difranco - EvolveLyric
74376Ani Difranco - Half-AssedLyric
26234Ani Difranco - Here For NowLyric
51457Ani Difranco - Hour Follows HourLyric
74369Ani Difranco - HypnotizedLyric
26228Ani Difranco - IcarusLyric
74371Ani Difranco - In the MarginsLyric
26227Ani Difranco - In The WayLyric
18686Ani DiFranco - Joyful GirlLyric
51454Ani Difranco - Light Of Some KindLyric
74372Ani Difranco - NicotineLyric
51455Ani Difranco - Not A Pretty GirlLyric
26233Ani Difranco - PhaseLyric
26226Ani Difranco - Promised LandLyric
74377Ani Difranco - ReprieveLyric
26235Ani Difranco - Second IntermissionLyric
45783Ani DiFranco - Self EvidentLyric
26236Ani Difranco - SerpentineLyric
74380Ani Difranco - ShroudLyric
26232Ani Difranco - ShrugLyric
51452Ani Difranco - ShyLyric
26229Ani Difranco - SlideLyric
51453Ani Difranco - Sorry I AmLyric
51456Ani Difranco - The Million You Never MadeLyric
51460Ani Difranco - This BouquetLyric
51449Ani Difranco - WorthyLyric
18681Ani Difranco & Tori Amos - Silent All These YearsLyric
28159Annie Lennox - A Whiter Shade Of PaleLyric
28612Annie Lennox - Bitter PillLyric
28160Annie Lennox - Don't Let It Bring You DownLyric
28162Annie Lennox - Downtown LightsLyric
28615Annie Lennox - ErasedLyric
28610Annie Lennox - HonestlyLyric
28161Annie Lennox - I Can't Get Next To YouLyric
36214Annie Lennox - Into The WestLyric
28613Annie Lennox - LonelinessLyric
28617Annie Lennox - Oh GodLyric
28608Annie Lennox - Pavement CracksLyric
28165Annie Lennox - Something So RightLyric
7685Annie Lennox - Something So RightLyric
28158Annie Lennox - Take Me To The RiverLyric
28609Annie Lennox - The Hurting TimeLyric
28614Annie Lennox - The Saddest SongLyric
28616Annie Lennox - TwistedLyric
28164Annie Lennox - Waiting In VainLyric
61246Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken GlassLyric
28611Annie Lennox - WonderfulLyric
22932Anouk - Bigger SideLyric
22926Anouk - Graduated FoolLyric
22931Anouk - I Live For YouLyric
22930Anouk - Margarita ChumLyric
22928Anouk - No Time To WasteLyric
22929Anouk - SearchingLyric
22927Anouk - Stop ThinkingLyric
22922Anouk - Too LongLyric
22925Anouk - Who CaresLyric
61258Anthony Hamilton - Better DaysLyric
61255Anthony Hamilton - CharleneLyric
61262Anthony Hamilton - Chyna BlackLyric
61263Anthony Hamilton - I TriedLyric
61256Anthony Hamilton - I'm A MessLyric
61259Anthony Hamilton - LucilleLyric
61252Anthony Hamilton - Mama Knew LoveLyric
61261Anthony Hamilton - My First Love Ft. LLyric
35875Anti Flag - Death Of A NationLyric
35869Anti Flag - Power To The PeacefulLyric
35868Anti Flag - Sold As FreedomLyric
35874Anti Flag - Tearing Down The BordersLyric
35865Anti Flag - TurncoatLyric
34808Apartment 26 - BackwardsLyric
75231Apoptygma Berzerk - CambodiaLyric
11612Aqua - Around The WorldLyric
9132Aqua - Barbie GirlLyric
472Aqua - Barbie GirlLyric
73815Aqua - Barbie GirlLyric
3826Aqua - Barbie Girl (Club Mix)Lyric
73814Aqua - Barbie Girl [Dj Bladeom 2005 Remix]Lyric
58951Aqua - Bumble BeesLyric
58318Aqua - Cartoon HeroesLyric
11958Aqua - Cartoon HeroesLyric
3827Aqua - Good Morning SunshineLyric
473Aqua - Heat Of The NightLyric
3343Aqua - My Oh MyLyric
58692Aqua - Turn Back TimeLyric
1086Art Company - SuzanaLyric
12193Artful Dodger - Re-RewindLyric
16955Artful Dodger & Craig David - R U ReadyLyric
22522Ashanti - BabyLyric
30164Ashanti - Breakup 2 MakeupLyric
49396Ashanti - Buck 3000 (Skit)Lyric
22519Ashanti - CallLyric
30169Ashanti - Carry OnLyric
49385Ashanti - Concrete Rose (Intro)Lyric
49398Ashanti - Don't Leave Me AloneLyric
49390Ashanti - Don't Let ThemLyric
22529Ashanti - DreamsLyric
30170Ashanti - Feel So GoodLyric
22525Ashanti - Fight (Over Skit)Lyric
49389Ashanti - FocusLyric
36334Ashanti - FoolishLyric
22515Ashanti - FoolishLyric
35566Ashanti - HappyLyric
22516Ashanti - HappyLyric
30303Ashanti - I Don't MindLyric
22514Ashanti - IntroLyric
30168Ashanti - Living My LifeLyric
49391Ashanti - Love AgainLyric
49387Ashanti - Message To The Fans (Skit)Lyric
22524Ashanti - MoviesLyric
22518Ashanti - Narrative Call (Skit)Lyric
30171Ashanti - Ohhh AhhhLyric
30174Ashanti - Ohhh AhhhLyric
51765Ashanti - Only ULyric
49388Ashanti - Only ULyric
22526Ashanti - OverLyric
30165Ashanti - Rain On MeLyric
22521Ashanti - RescueLyric
21565Ashanti - RescueLyric
30162Ashanti - Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)Lyric
22520Ashanti - Scared Ft Irv GottiLyric
30175Ashanti - Shany Shia (Skit)Lyric
22528Ashanti - Shi Shi (Skit)Lyric
49399Ashanti - Sister Stories (Skit)Lyric
49397Ashanti - So HotLyric
49386Ashanti - Still Down (Feat T.I.)Lyric
30301Ashanti - Sweet BabyLyric
49392Ashanti - Take Me TonightLyric
22530Ashanti - Thank YouLyric
30172Ashanti - The Sugar Shack (Skit)Lyric
30167Ashanti - Then Ya Gone (Feat Chink Santana)Lyric
49395Ashanti - Turn It Up (Feat Ja Rule)Lyric
49393Ashanti - ULyric
30302Ashanti - U Say I Say (Feat Gunnz)Lyric
22527Ashanti - UnfoolishLyric
22523Ashanti - VooDooLyric
30163Ashanti - What Are They Gonna Say Now (Skit)Lyric
49401Ashanti - Wonderful (Remix) (Feat Ja Rule And R. Kelly)Lyric
45941Ashlee Simpson - AutobiographyLyric
45946Ashlee Simpson - Better OffLyric
71170Ashlee Simpson - BoyfriendLyric
45951Ashlee Simpson - Giving It All AwayLyric
45944Ashlee Simpson - La LaLyric
45945Ashlee Simpson - Love Makes The World Go RoundLyric
45947Ashlee Simpson - Love Me For MeLyric
45950Ashlee Simpson - Nothing NewLyric
45942Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of MeLyric
45943Ashlee Simpson - ShadowLyric
45952Ashlee Simpson - UndiscoveredLyric
45949Ashlee Simpson - UnreachableLyric
39627Atc - Why Oh WhyLyric
33535Atc - Why Oh WhyLyric
25158A-Teens - Closer To PerfectionLyric
25155A-Teens - Cross My HeartLyric
25149A-Teens - FloorfillerLyric
25156A-Teens - In The Blink Of An EyeLyric
25160A-Teens - One Night In BangkokLyric
25151A-Teens - Shame Shame ShameLyric
25159A-Teens - Shangri LaLyric
32154Athena Cage - All Or NothingLyric
34975Atomic Kitten - Always Be My BabyLyric
22541Atomic Kitten - Baby Don't You Hurt MeLyric
35584Atomic Kitten - Be With YouLyric
39651Atomic Kitten - Be With YouLyric
31659Atomic Kitten - Be With YouLyric
34968Atomic Kitten - Be With YouLyric
35604Atomic Kitten - Be With YouLyric
37340Atomic Kitten - Be With You (Milky 7'' Edit)Lyric
34971Atomic Kitten - BelieverLyric
22551Atomic Kitten - Bye nowLyric
39654Atomic Kitten - CradleLyric
22547Atomic Kitten - CradleLyric
22554Atomic Kitten - Do What You WantLyric
34969Atomic Kitten - Don't Go Breaking My HeartLyric
34978Atomic Kitten - Don't You KnowLyric
31668Atomic Kitten - Eternal FlameLyric
39653Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame (Single Version)Lyric
31661Atomic Kitten - Feels So GoodLyric
22534Atomic Kitten - Feels So GoodLyric
22546Atomic Kitten - Follow MeLyric
22552Atomic Kitten - Get realLyric
22555Atomic Kitten - HippyLyric
22548Atomic Kitten - I Want Your LoveLyric
39655Atomic Kitten - I Want Your LoveLyric
39652Atomic Kitten - If You Come To MeLyric
34970Atomic Kitten - If You Come To MeLyric
39650Atomic Kitten - It's OkLyric
31658Atomic Kitten - It's OkLyric
22531Atomic Kitten - It's OkLyric
36332Atomic Kitten - It's OK!Lyric
39647Atomic Kitten - Ladies NightLyric
71444Atomic Kitten - Ladies NightLyric
34967Atomic Kitten - Ladies NightLyric
37612Atomic Kitten - Ladies NightLyric
22532Atomic Kitten - Love Won't WaitLyric
31664Atomic Kitten - Love Won't WaitLyric
34979Atomic Kitten - Loving YouLyric
22543Atomic Kitten - Maybe I'm RightLyric
34977Atomic Kitten - Never Get Over YouLyric
34974Atomic Kitten - Nothing In The WorldLyric
12316Atomic Kitten - Right NowLyric
22545Atomic Kitten - Right nowLyric
31667Atomic Kitten - Right NowLyric
39646Atomic Kitten - Right Now 2004Lyric
22549Atomic Kitten - See YaLyric
39656Atomic Kitten - See Ya (Radio Mix)Lyric
22539Atomic Kitten - Softer The TouchLyric
34973Atomic Kitten - Somebody Like YouLyric
34981Atomic Kitten - Someone Like MeLyric
39660Atomic Kitten - Someone Like Me (Single Version)Lyric
22556Atomic Kitten - StrangersLyric
31666Atomic Kitten - The Last GoodbyeLyric
35543Atomic Kitten - The Last GoodbyeLyric
22537Atomic Kitten - The Last GoodbyeLyric
39659Atomic Kitten - The Last Goodbye (Single Version)Lyric
31669Atomic Kitten - The Moment You Leave MeLyric
22540Atomic Kitten - The Way That You AreLyric
31660Atomic Kitten - Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)Lyric
22553Atomic Kitten - Turn me onLyric
31662Atomic Kitten - Walking On The WaterLyric
32445Atomic Kitten - Whole AgainLyric
31665Atomic Kitten - Whole AgainLyric
22550Atomic Kitten - Whole AgainLyric
39648Atomic Kitten - Whole AgainLyric
70403Avant - 4 Minutes (Lp Version)Lyric
62075Avant - AvLyric
52288Avant - Call On MeLyric
65137Avant - DestinyLyric
62086Avant - Everything About YouLyric
62082Avant - FeastLyric
62089Avant - Flickin (Bonus Track)Lyric
65131Avant - Get AwayLyric
62079Avant - Have Some FunLyric
62080Avant - HookedLyric
65135Avant - I Wanna KnowLyric
65132Avant - Let's Make A DealLyric
52298Avant - Love SchoolLyric
52293Avant - No LimitLyric
52297Avant - One Way StreetLyric
65138Avant - Ooh AahLyric
62074Avant - Private Room IntroLyric
65130Avant - ReactionLyric
62076Avant - Read Your MindLyric
62088Avant - Read Your Mind (Part Ii Remix)Lyric
62083Avant - Seems To BeLyric
65129Avant - SeparatedLyric
52300Avant - SuicideLyric
65139Avant - This TimeLyric
52289Avant - What Do You Want From MeLyric
52296Avant - You Ain't RightLyric
74985Aventura - Amor De MadreLyric
41883Aventura - Amor De MadreLyric
74983Aventura - AngelitoLyric
56522Aventura - AngelitoLyric
56532Aventura - Ciego De AmorLyric
56529Aventura - Ella Y YoLyric
74996Aventura - Ella Y Yo Ft Don OmarLyric
67757Aventura - La BodaLyric
74986Aventura - La BodaLyric
56523Aventura - La BodaLyric
56526Aventura - La NinaLyric
55846Aventura - ObsesionLyric
74989Aventura - ObsesionLyric
41879Aventura - ObsesionLyric
45198Aventura - ObsesionLyric
42575Aventura - Obsesion (The Remix)Lyric
41888Aventura - Obsesion (The Remix)Lyric
56527Aventura - Our SongLyric
56534Aventura - Por Tu OrgulloLyric
56530Aventura - Un BesoLyric
74993Aventura - Un Chi ChiLyric
56524Aventura - Un Chi ChiLyric
56525Aventura - Volvio La TraicioneraLyric
56531Aventura - Voy MalacostumbradoLyric
19385Avril Lavigne - Anything But OrdinaryLyric
19379Avril Lavigne - ComplicatedLyric
41238Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell MeLyric
41245Avril Lavigne - Fall To PiecesLyric
41243Avril Lavigne - ForgottenLyric
41246Avril Lavigne - Freak OutLyric
41239Avril Lavigne - He Wasn'tLyric
41240Avril Lavigne - How Does It FeelLyric
41248Avril Lavigne - I Always Get What I Want (Bonus Track)Lyric
19381Avril Lavigne - I'm With YouLyric
19378Avril Lavigne - Losing GripLyric
19382Avril Lavigne - MobileLyric
44207Avril Lavigne - My Happy EndingLyric
41241Avril Lavigne - My Happy EndingLyric
19390Avril Lavigne - NakedLyric
41242Avril Lavigne - Nobody's HomeLyric
41249Avril Lavigne - Nobodys Home (Live Acoustic Bonus Track)Lyric
19380Avril Lavigne - Skater BoyLyric
41247Avril Lavigne - Slipped AwayLyric
41236Avril Lavigne - Take Me AwayLyric
19386Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never SayLyric
41237Avril Lavigne - TogetherLyric
19384Avril Lavigne - TomorrowLyric
19389Avril Lavigne - Too Much To AskLyric
19383Avril Lavigne - UnwantedLyric
5685Axelle Red - SensualityLyric
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