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Sam's Team - Tunisian Music
Manau - Panique Celtique
Mint Condition - Livin The Luxury Brown
Eminem - The Re-Up
RefSong Title 
49555D12 - 40 OzLyric
49547D12 - 6 In The MorningLyric
49557D12 - American Psycho Ii (Feat Breal)Lyric
49551D12 - Bizarre (Skit)Lyric
22061D12 - Blow My BuzzLyric
49556D12 - Commercial BreakLyric
49554D12 - D12 WorldLyric
49544D12 - Dude (Skit)Lyric
49550D12 - Get My GunLyric
49540D12 - Git UpLyric
49559D12 - Good Die YoungLyric
49543D12 - I'll Be DamnedLyric
49542D12 - Just Like ULyric
49549D12 - Leave Dat Boy AloneLyric
49545D12 - My BandLyric
53872D12 - My BandLyric
41828D12 - My BandLyric
49546D12 - U R The OneLyric
67278D4l - Betcha Can't Do It Like Me (Po Clean Edit)Lyric
69157D4L - Betcha Can't Do It Like Me-KoLyric
71502Daddy Yankee - 2 MujeresLyric
71500Daddy Yankee - CorazonesLyric
71493Daddy Yankee - CuentameLyric
71486Daddy Yankee - Dale CalienteLyric
71496Daddy Yankee - El Empuje (Featuring - May-Be)Lyric
71490Daddy Yankee - El MuroLyric
57676Daddy Yankee - GasolinaLyric
71488Daddy Yankee - GasolinaLyric
71501Daddy Yankee - Golpe De Estado (Featuring - Tommy Viera)Lyric
71499Daddy Yankee - Interlude (Gavilan)Lyric
71484Daddy Yankee - IntroLyric
71485Daddy Yankee - King DaddyLyric
53768Daddy Yankee - Like YouLyric
71489Daddy Yankee - Like YouLyric
71491Daddy Yankee - Lo Que Paso, PasoLyric
71487Daddy Yankee - No Me Dejes Solo (Featuring - Wisin Y Yandel)Lyric
71497Daddy Yankee - Que Vas A HacerLyric
71503Daddy Yankee - Saber Su NombreLyric
71495Daddy Yankee - Sabor A Melao (Featuring - Andy Montanez)Lyric
71498Daddy Yankee - Salud Y VidaLyric
71494Daddy Yankee - Santifica Tus EscapulariosLyric
71492Daddy Yankee - Tu Principe (Featuring - Zion Y Lennox)Lyric
71340Daddy Yanky - Rompe (Remix)Lyric
2324Daft Punk - DaftendirektLyric
21299Daft Punk - Digital LoveLyric
37084Daft Punk - Digital Love (Boris Dlugosh Remix)Lyric
21300Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, StrongerLyric
62737Daft Punk - Human After AllLyric
2331Daft Punk - Revolution 909Lyric
62739Daft Punk - Robot RockLyric
62740Daft Punk - Steam MachineLyric
62745Daft Punk - TechnologicLyric
69873Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism`S Highway To Paris Remix)Lyric
62744Daft Punk - Television Rules The NationLyric
62742Daft Punk - The BrainwasherLyric
62738Daft Punk - The Prime Time Of Your LifeLyric
2335Daft Punk - Wdpk 83.7 FMLyric
18791Dalida - Gigi L'AmorosoLyric
17093Dalida - Il Venait D'avoir 18 AnsLyric
57089Dalida - Je Suis MaladeLyric
1929Dalida & Alain Delon - Paroles ParolesLyric
68097Damian Marley - For The BabiesLyric
68101Damian Marley - In 2 DeepLyric
68102Damian Marley - Khaki SuitLyric
68095Damian Marley - Pimpass ParadiseLyric
68099Damian Marley - Road To ZionLyric
68092Damian Marley - The Master Has Come BackLyric
68091Damian Marley - Welcome To JamrockLyric
66515Damian Marley - Welcome To JamrockLyric
66167Damian Marley - Welcome To JamrockLyric
37246Damien Rice - CannonballLyric
37249Damien Rice - Cheers DarlinLyric
37250Damien Rice - Cold WaterLyric
37252Damien Rice - EskimoLyric
37247Damien Rice - Older ChestsLyric
65163D'Angelo - AfricaLyric
65141D'angelo - Brown SugarLyric
65156D'Angelo - Chicken GreaseLyric
65143D'angelo - Jonz in My BonzLyric
65144D'angelo - Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of MineLyric
65151D'Angelo - Playa PlayaLyric
65155D'Angelo - Send It OnLyric
65146D'angelo - SmoothLyric
65159D'Angelo - Spanish JointLyric
65162D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel)Lyric
62683Daniel Powter - Free LoopLyric
71190Daniel Powter - Free LoopLyric
62691Daniel Powter - Give Me LifeLyric
62687Daniel Powter - Jimmy Gets HighLyric
62690Daniel Powter - Lost On The StoopLyric
62682Daniel Powter - Song 6Lyric
62688Daniel Powter - StyrofoamLyric
25998Dannii Minogue - A Piece of TimeLyric
25991Dannii Minogue - For the RecordLyric
25989Dannii Minogue - I Begin To WonderLyric
37325Dannii Minogue - I Begin To WonderLyric
26288Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder (Dj Bardot Remix)Lyric
26289Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder (Extended Original Mix)Lyric
26290Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder (Krystal K Vocal Mix)Lyric
26000Dannii Minogue - It Won't Work OutLyric
25992Dannii Minogue - Mighty FineLyric
25993Dannii Minogue - On the LoopLyric
25987Dannii Minogue - Put the Needle On ItLyric
25997Dannii Minogue - Vibe OnLyric
25999Dannii Minogue - Who Do You Love NowLyric
24301Darius - ColourblindLyric
24306Darius - Dive InLyric
24304Darius - Girl In The MoonLyric
24307Darius - I Gotta Know TonightLyric
24313Darius - I Gotta Know Tonight (SongwritLyric
24305Darius - I'm Not BuyingLyric
24312Darius - Mercury RisingLyric
24302Darius - RushesLyric
24309Darius - Simple Like The TruthLyric
24308Darius - Sliding DoorsLyric
54530Dark Lotus - Swarm (Remix)Lyric
18017Dark Tranquillity - AuctionedLyric
18012Dark Tranquillity - Indifferent SunsLyric
17165Dark Tranquillity - Indifferent SunsLyric
18018Dark Tranquillity - ThereInLyric
17161Dark Tranquillity - ThereInLyric
19550Darren Hayes - Crush (1980 Me)Lyric
19552Darren Hayes - I Can't Ever Get Enough Of YouLyric
19547Darren Hayes - I Miss YouLyric
18023Darren Hayes - InsatiableLyric
19545Darren Hayes - InsatiableLyric
17611Darren Hayes - InsatiableLyric
19544Darren Hayes - Strange RelationshipLyric
19553Darren Hayes - What You LikeLyric
29928Dashboard Confessional - A Plain MorningLyric
24212Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go UnnoticedLyric
29930Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go UnnoticedLyric
29929Dashboard Confessional - Age Six RacerLyric
46992Dashboard Confessional - As Lovers Go (Ron Fair Remix)Lyric
29931Dashboard Confessional - Ender Will Save UsLyric
24208Dashboard Confessional - For You to NoticeLyric
24213Dashboard Confessional - Hands DownLyric
24207Dashboard Confessional - Living in Your LettersLyric
29925Dashboard Confessional - Living in Your LettersLyric
24201Dashboard Confessional - Remember to BreatheLyric
24211Dashboard Confessional - Saints and SailorsLyric
29923Dashboard Confessional - Screaming InfidelitiesLyric
24210Dashboard Confessional - Screaming InfidelitiesLyric
29932Dashboard Confessional - Shirts and GlovesLyric
24204Dashboard Confessional - So ImpossibleLyric
24200Dashboard Confessional - The Best DeceptionsLyric
24209Dashboard Confessional - The Brilliant DanceLyric
24202Dashboard Confessional - The Good FightLyric
24205Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come to FLyric
29924Dashboard Confessional - The Sharp Hint of New TearsLyric
24203Dashboard Confessional - The Sharp Hint of New TearsLyric
29926Dashboard Confessional - The Swiss Army RomanceLyric
24206Dashboard Confessional - Turpentine ChaserLyric
29927Dashboard Confessional - Turpintine ChaserLyric
33608Dave Matthews - DodoLyric
33610Dave Matthews - GravediggerLyric
33621Dave Matthews - Gravedigger (Acoustic)Lyric
33613Dave Matthews - Grey Blue EyesLyric
33609Dave Matthews - So Damn LuckyLyric
33611Dave Matthews - Some DevilLyric
33615Dave Matthews - Stay Or LeaveLyric
33619Dave Matthews - Up And AwayLyric
55637David Banner - Like A Pimp (Feat Lil Flip)Lyric
67075David Banner - PlayLyric
22153David Bowie - 5.15 The Angels Have GoneLyric
22155David Bowie - A Better FutureLyric
33271David Bowie - Bring Me The Disco KingLyric
22154David Bowie - Everyone Says 'Hi'Lyric
33268David Bowie - Fall Dog Bombs The MoonLyric
22156David Bowie - Heathen (The Rays)Lyric
22151David Bowie - I Would Be Your SlaveLyric
33265David Bowie - Looking For WaterLyric
33263David Bowie - Never Get OldLyric
33261David Bowie - New Killer StarLyric
33262David Bowie - Pablo PicassoLyric
33266David Bowie - She'll Drive The Big CarLyric
35369David Bowie - Space OddityLyric
33264David Bowie - The Loneliest GuyLyric
65387David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The WorldLyric
58506David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Dump Mix)Lyric
75249Davide Guetta & The Egg - Love Don't Let Me GoLyric
18650Deana Carter - Count me InLyric
18651Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For ThisLyric
18653Deana Carter - Strawberry WineLyric
18649Deana Carter - That's How You Know It's LoveLyric
18648Deana Carter - We Danced AnywayLyric
57909Death Cab For Cutie - A Movie Script EndingLyric
7399Deborah Cox - Couldn't WeLyric
7406Deborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed to Be Here [Dance Mix]Lyric
7407Deborah Cox - Things Just Ain't the Same [Dance Mix]Lyric
51879Def Leppard - Another Hit And RunLyric
51881Def Leppard - Bringin´ On The HeartbreakLyric
51888Def Leppard - Bringin´ On The Heartbreak (Remix)Lyric
51908Def Leppard - Four Letter WordLyric
51913Def Leppard - Girl Like YouLyric
51880Def Leppard - High ´n´ Dry [Saturday Night]Lyric
51884Def Leppard - Lady StrangeLyric
51910Def Leppard - Love Don't LieLyric
51886Def Leppard - Mirror, Mirror [Look Into My Eyes]Lyric
51885Def Leppard - On Through The NightLyric
51882Def Leppard - Switch 625Lyric
51909Def Leppard - Torn To ShredsLyric
51883Def Leppard - You Got Me Runnin´Lyric
63850Default - All Is ForgivenLyric
63856Default - Beautiful FlowerLyric
63859Default - Get Out Of This AliveLyric
63855Default - Hiding From The SunLyric
63851Default - I Can't WinLyric
63852Default - It Only HurtsLyric
63857Default - One Thing RemainsLyric
63858Default - The Memory Will Never DieLyric
63853Default - The Way We WereLyric
71130Depeche Mode - Suffer WellLyric
64110Depeche Mode - Suffer WellLyric
25916Des'ree - Cool MorningLyric
25914Des'ree - Doesn't MatterLyric
25920Des'ree - FateLyric
25918Des'ree - Love BeautifulLyric
25913Des'ree - Righteous NightLyric
49282Destiny's Child - Bad HabitLyric
49278Destiny's Child - Cater 2 ULyric
7644Destiny's Child - If You LeaveLyric
49275Destiny's Child - Lose My BreathLyric
53162Destiny's Child - Lose My BreathLyric
49276Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath 2Lyric
49285Destiny's Child - Through With LoveLyric
49279Destiny's Child - T-ShirtLyric
39979Df Dub - Country Girl (Street Tracks)Lyric
59662DHT - Listen to your heart (Original edit)Lyric
59663DHT - Listen To Your Heart (Slow)Lyric
59664Dht - Listen To Your Heart(Hardstyle Mix)HardandsteelLyric
8435Diana Hadad - ChaterLyric
10683Diana Hadd - ShaterLyric
9286Diana Haddad - ChaterLyric
9417Diana Haddad - ChaterLyric
10575Diana Hadded - ChaterLyric
40821Diana Krall - Abandoned MasqueradeLyric
40815Diana Krall - Almost BlueLyric
40823Diana Krall - Departure BayLyric
40822Diana Krall - I'm Coming ThroughLyric
40818Diana Krall - I'm Pulling ThroughLyric
40816Diana Krall - I've Changed My AddressLyric
40817Diana Krall - Love Me Like A ManLyric
40820Diana Krall - Narrow DaylightLyric
40812Diana Krall - Stop This WorldLyric
40813Diana Krall - The Girl In The Other RoomLyric
71655Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 01 - S'WonderfulLyric
71656Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 02 - Love LettersLyric
71657Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 03 - I Remember YouLyric
71658Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 04 - Cry Me a RiverLyric
71659Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 05 - Besame MuchoLyric
71660Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 06 - The Night We Called it a DayLyric
71661Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 07 - Dancing in the DarkLyric
71662Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 08 - I Get Along Without You Very WellLyric
71663Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 09 - The Look of LoveLyric
71664Diana Krall - The Look Of Love - 10 - Maybe You'll Be ThereLyric
2849Diana Ross - If We Hold On TogetherLyric
20Diana Ross - In The Ones You LoveLyric
30209Diana Ross - Not Over You YetLyric
15523Diana Ross - Not Over You YetLyric
27593Dido - All You WantLyric
71512Dido - All You WantLyric
33067Dido - Do You Have A Little TimeLyric
33064Dido - Don't Leave HomeLyric
71510Dido - Don't Think Of MeLyric
27591Dido - Don't Think Of MeLyric
27589Dido - Here With MeLyric
71508Dido - Here With MeLyric
27595Dido - Honestly OkLyric
71514Dido - Honestly OkLyric
27590Dido - HunterLyric
71509Dido - HunterLyric
56409Dido - Hunter (Mj Cole Remix)Lyric
27598Dido - I'm No AngelLyric
71516Dido - IsobelLyric
27597Dido - IsobelLyric
33061Dido - Life For RentLyric
42587Dido - Life For RentLyric
33062Dido - Mary's In IndiaLyric
27599Dido - My LifeLyric
71518Dido - My LifeLyric
71511Dido - My Lover`s GoneLyric
27592Dido - My Lover's GoneLyric
33066Dido - Sand In My ShoesLyric
39984Dido - See The SunLyric
33063Dido - See You When You're 40Lyric
71515Dido - SlideLyric
27596Dido - SlideLyric
33060Dido - StonedLyric
71519Dido - Take My HandLyric
27600Dido - Take My HandLyric
56410Dido - Take My Hand (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)Lyric
71513Dido - Thank YouLyric
27594Dido - Thank YouLyric
32491Dido - Thank YouLyric
33747Dido - This Land Is MineLyric
39983Dido - This Land Is MineLyric
33059Dido - White FlagLyric
39635Dido - White FlagLyric
33742Dido - White FlagLyric
33065Dido - Who Makes You FeelLyric
55660Dilated Peoples - Big BusinessLyric
55661Dilated Peoples - Love And WarLyric
55659Dilated Peoples - Reach UsLyric
6012Dire Straits - Brothers In ArmsLyric
35208Dire Straits - Brothers In ArmsLyric
6014Dire Straits - Calling ElvisLyric
7651Dire Straits - Calling ElvisLyric
35226Dire Straits - Down To The WaterlineLyric
9077Dire Straits - Down To The WaterlineLyric
7654Dire Straits - Fade To BlackLyric
7657Dire Straits - Heavy FuelLyric
6015Dire Straits - Heavy FuelLyric
7662Dire Straits - How LongLyric
7658Dire Straits - Iron HandLyric
35220Dire Straits - Lady WriterLyric
6004Dire Straits - Lady WriterLyric
6009Dire Straits - Love Over GoldLyric
35209Dire Straits - Money For NothingLyric
6011Dire Straits - Money For NothingLyric
7660Dire Straits - My PartiesLyric
7652Dire Straits - On Every StreetLyric
6016Dire Straits - On Every StreetLyric
35513Dire Straits - Private InvestigationsLyric
6007Dire Straits - Private InvestigationsLyric
6005Dire Straits - Romeo And JulietLyric
35212Dire Straits - So Far AwayLyric
6010Dire Straits - So Far AwayLyric
35231Dire Straits - Sultans Of SwingLyric
6003Dire Straits - Sultans Of SwingLyric
7655Dire Straits - The BugLyric
7661Dire Straits - The Planet Of New OrleansLyric
7659Dire Straits - Ticket To HeavenLyric
6006Dire Straits - Tunnel Of LoveLyric
23747Dire Straits - Tunnel Of LoveLyric
48963Dire Straits - Twisting By The PoolLyric
6008Dire Straits - Twisting By The PoolLyric
6013Dire Straits - Walk Of LifeLyric
35214Dire Straits - Walk Of LifeLyric
7653Dire Straits - When It Comes To YouLyric
7656Dire Straits - You And Your FriendLyric
20528Disturbed - AwakenLyric
20535Disturbed - BoundLyric
20536Disturbed - DevourLyric
20531Disturbed - IntoxicationLyric
20527Disturbed - LiberateLyric
20533Disturbed - MistressLyric
17296Disturbed - Shout 2000Lyric
28103Dixie Chicks - A HomeLyric
75448Dixie Chicks - Baby Hold OnLyric
75441Dixie Chicks - Bitter EndLyric
75438Dixie Chicks - Easy SilenceLyric
75440Dixie Chicks - Everybody KnowsLyric
75445Dixie Chicks - Favorite YearLyric
28108Dixie Chicks - Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)Lyric
75450Dixie Chicks - I HopeLyric
75447Dixie Chicks - I Like ItLyric
75443Dixie Chicks - Lubbock Or Leave ItLyric
75442Dixie Chicks - LullabyLyric
28104Dixie Chicks - More LoveLyric
75439Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make NiceLyric
75444Dixie Chicks - Silent HouseLyric
75449Dixie Chicks - So HardLyric
75437Dixie Chicks - The Long Way AroundLyric
28106Dixie Chicks - Tortured, Tangled HeartsLyric
28100Dixie Chicks - Travelin' SoldierLyric
75446Dixie Chicks - Voice Inside My HeadLyric
28102Dixie Chicks - White Trash WeddingLyric
49408Dizzee Rascal - Hype TalkLyric
49407Dizzee Rascal - LearnLyric
49404Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up TallLyric
22947DJ Sammy - Beautiful SmileLyric
53337Dj Sammy - California DreamingLyric
22945DJ Sammy - SunlightLyric
35598DJ Sammy - SunlightLyric
22948DJ Sammy - The Boys of SummerLyric
37322Dj Sammy - The Boys Of SummerLyric
33191DMX - Dogs OutLyric
16215DMX - FameLyric
33197DMX - Fuck Y'AllLyric
21243DMX - Fuckin Wit DLyric
33192DMX - Get It On The FloorLyric
33714DMX - Get It On The FloorLyric
16228DMX - Good Girls, Bad GuysLyric
16229DMX - How's It Goin DownLyric
59891Dmx - I Run Shit HereLyric
59888Dmx - IntroLyric
72149Dmx - Lord Give Me A SignLyric
16222DMX - More 2 a SongLyric
16213DMX - One more road to crossLyric
16230DMX - One More Road To CrossLyric
33200DMX - Ruff Radio 2 (Skit)Lyric
25451Dmx - Ruff Ryders AnthemLyric
33194DMX - Shot Down (Feat. 50 Cent & StyLyric
25449Dmx - Stop Being GreedyLyric
10898DMX - Stop Being GreedyLyric
33209DMX - The Prayer VLyric
10899DMX - Top ShotterLyric
59890Dmx - Walk These Dogs (Lp Feat.Lyric
33202DMX - We Go Hard (Feat. Cam'Ron)Lyric
16231DMX - We Right HereLyric
25441Dmx - We Right HereLyric
33190DMX - Where The Hood AtLyric
16233DMX - Who We BeLyric
25442Dmx - Who We BeLyric
16232DMX - Who We Be - The Great DepressionLyric
47086Dolly Parton - JoleneLyric
71354Dolly Parton - JoleneLyric
48976Dolly Parton - JoleneLyric
60657Dolly Parton - JoleneLyric
71417Dolly Parton - JoleneLyric
71358Dolly Parton - Take Me Home Country RoadsLyric
60982Dolly Parton - Take Me Home Country RoadsLyric
60659Dolly Parton - Take Me Home Country RoadsLyric
42820Don Omar - Dale Don DaleLyric
53756Don Omar - DileLyric
72600Donell Jones - Better Start TalkingLyric
23457Donell Jones - Guilty By SuspicionLyric
72601Donell Jones - Special GirlLyric
32147Donell Jones - U Know What's UpLyric
23450Donell Jones - You Know That I Love YouLyric
75228Doreen - Ich Bin Meine Eigene FrauLyric
25849DoubleDrive - EvenoutLyric
25847DoubleDrive - FreightrainLyric
25843DoubleDrive - ImprintLyric
25845DoubleDrive - Million PeopleLyric
25851DoubleDrive - The HandLyric
33538Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick - Lodi DodiLyric
1772Dr Alban - No Coke (7th Mix)Lyric
13072Dr Alban - No Coke (Float Remix)Lyric
59526Dr Alban - One Love (Remix)Lyric
59141Dr Alban - One Love (Remix)Lyric
277Dr Alban - OneloveLyric
6402Dr Dre - Deeez NuuutsLyric
6409Dr Dre - High PoweredLyric
6399Dr Dre - Let Me RideLyric
6404Dr Dre - Lil' Ghetto BoyLyric
6408Dr Dre - Lyrical GangbangLyric
6405Dr Dre - Nigga Witta GunLyric
6406Dr Dre - Rat-Tat-Tat-TatLyric
6410Dr Dre - Stranded On Death RowLyric
6400Dr Dre - The Day The Niggaz Took OverLyric
11416Dr Dre - The WatcherLyric
15542Dr Dre & Eminem - Guilty Conscience (MxCd)Lyric
49570Dr. Alban - Away From HomeLyric
70177Dr. Alban - Hello AfricaLyric
49561Dr. Alban - Hello AfricaLyric
49576Dr. Alban - Hello AfricaLyric
49567Dr. Alban - It's My LifeLyric
49574Dr. Alban - It's My LifeLyric
19931Dr. Alban - Let The Beat Go OnLyric
49569Dr. Alban - Let The Beat Go OnLyric
49568Dr. Alban - Look Who's TalkingLyric
19930Dr. Alban - Look Who's TalkingLyric
60392Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking (Long)Lyric
60391Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking (Short)Lyric
60393Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking (Stone's Clubmix)Lyric
60394Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking (Stone's Eurodub)Lyric
49564Dr. Alban - No Coke (7'' Mix)Lyric
49577Dr. Alban - No Coke (KlangHouse Remix)Lyric
49565Dr. Alban - One LoveLyric
49566Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah!Lyric
49575Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah!Lyric
49571Dr. Alban - This Time I'm FreeLyric
1629Dru Hill - 5 StepsLyric
1622Dru Hill - April ShowersLyric
2454Dru Hill - BeautyLyric
2458Dru Hill - Holding YouLyric
2459Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your LoveLyric
22804Dru Hill - I Do (Millions)Lyric
2460Dru Hill - I'll Be The OneLyric
1626Dru Hill - In My BedLyric
1009Dru Hill - In My Bed (Album Version)Lyric
11512Dru Hill - In My Bed (Remix)Lyric
22807Dru Hill - Men Always RegretLyric
1624Dru Hill - Never Make a PromiseLyric
22806Dru Hill - Never Stop Loving YouLyric
2462Dru Hill - Nowhere Without You (Interlude)Lyric
22802Dru Hill - Old LoveLyric
22801Dru Hill - On Me FT N.O.R.E.Lyric
2465Dru Hill - These Are The TimesLyric
2466Dru Hill - What Are We Gonna DoLyric
2468Dru Hill - You Are EverythingLyric
7808Dru Hill - You Are EverythingLyric
47597Duran Duran - (Reach Up For The) SunriseLyric
43118Duran Duran - A Matter Of FeelingLyric
43121Duran Duran - All She Wants IsLyric
47600Duran Duran - AstronautLyric
47601Duran Duran - Bedroom ToysLyric
43120Duran Duran - Big ThingLyric
39891Duran Duran - Breath After BreathLyric
43125Duran Duran - Come UndoneLyric
9080Duran Duran - Come UndoneLyric
39890Duran Duran - Come UndoneLyric
17753Duran Duran - Come UndoneLyric
43123Duran Duran - Do You Believe In ShameLyric
43126Duran Duran - Electric BarbarellaLyric
47604Duran Duran - Finest HourLyric
9081Duran Duran - Hungry Like The WolfLyric
27790Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know-Lyric
39887Duran Duran - Love VoodooLyric
47602Duran Duran - NiceLyric
39894Duran Duran - None Of The AboveLyric
43116Duran Duran - NotoriousLyric
43124Duran Duran - Ordinary WorldLyric
39886Duran Duran - Ordinary WorldLyric
27793Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Single Version)Lyric
43114Duran Duran - Planet EarthLyric
47607Duran Duran - Point Of No ReturnLyric
27794Duran Duran - Save A Prayer (U.S. Single Version)Lyric
39897Duran Duran - Sin Of The CityLyric
43117Duran Duran - Skin TradeLyric
47608Duran Duran - Still BreathingLyric
47603Duran Duran - Taste The SummerLyric
27791Duran Duran - The ReflexLyric
17754Duran Duran - The ReflexLyric
43122Duran Duran - Too Late MarleneLyric
39885Duran Duran - Too Much InformationLyric
43096Duran Duran - Too Much InformationLyric
43097Duran Duran - UmfLyric
39892Duran Duran - UmfLyric
43119Duran Duran - Vertigo (Do The Demolition)Lyric
47598Duran Duran - Want You More!Lyric
47599Duran Duran - What Happens TomorrowLyric
56088Duran Duran - What Happens TomorrowLyric
49056Duran Duran - White Lines (Don't Do It)Lyric
17755Duran Duran - Wild BoysLyric
43113Duran Duran - Wild BoysLyric
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