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Reggae Hits 2002
538 Dance Smash Hits Winter 2003
Pink - I'm Not Dead
Grand Corps Malade - Midi 20
Busta Rhymes - It Ain't Safe No More
Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death
Xzibit - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
The Doors - The Best Of
RefSong Title 
75364Take That - Ain't No Sense In LoveLyric
37857Take That - Another Crack In My HeartLyric
75359Take That - Beautiful WorldLyric
37858Take That - Broken Your HeartLyric
65967Take That - Could It Be MagicLyric
37845Take That - Could It Be MagicLyric
37844Take That - Give Good FeelingLyric
75360Take That - Hold OnLyric
65959Take That - How Deep Is Your LoveLyric
37839Take That - I Can Make ItLyric
37834Take That - I Found HeavenLyric
65970Take That - I Found HeavenLyric
75363Take That - I'd Wait For LifeLyric
37852Take That - If This Is LoveLyric
37836Take That - It Only Takes A MinuteLyric
65965Take That - It Only Takes A MinuteLyric
75361Take That - Like I Never Loved You At AllLyric
75366Take That - Mancunian WayLyric
37854Take That - Meaning Of LoveLyric
75358Take That - PatienceLyric
75357Take That - Reach OutLyric
37838Take That - SatisfiedLyric
75362Take That - ShineLyric
37849Take That - Wasting My TimeLyric
75365Take That - What You Believe InLyric
37853Take That - Whatever You Do To MeLyric
75367Take That - Wooden BoatLyric
45338Tamia - Careless WhisperLyric
44163Tamia - It's A PartyLyric
34876Tamia - It's A PartyLyric
34884Tamia - MeLyric
34883Tamia - PoetryLyric
34877Tamia - QuestionsLyric
34882Tamia - WhispersLyric
5705Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My SobrietyLyric
61185Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My SobrietyLyric
41865Tanya Stephens - Boom WukLyric
41626Tanya Stephens - Boom WukLyric
41636Tanya Stephens - Can't BreatheLyric
41628Tanya Stephens - Good RideLyric
41630Tanya Stephens - It's A PityLyric
41625Tanya Stephens - Way BackLyric
41875Tanya Stephens - Way BackLyric
31375Tarkan - Bu Sarkilar Da OlmasaLyric
31374Tarkan - DuduLyric
32255Tarkan - Dudu (Oezguer Buldum Remix)Lyric
31382Tarkan - Dudu (Oezguer Buldum Remix)Lyric
31379Tarkan - Dudu (Ozan Colakoglu Remix)Lyric
31376Tarkan - Gueluemse KaderineLyric
31377Tarkan - Sorma KalbimLyric
31378Tarkan - Uzun Ince Bir YoldayimLyric
40830Tatu - 30 MinutLyric
20636Tatu - 30 MinutesLyric
20633Tatu - All The Things She SaidLyric
24467Tatu - Clowns (Can You See Me Now)Lyric
40829Tatu - Doschitai Do StaLyric
20639Tatu - How Soon Is NowLyric
35434Tatu - How Soon Is NowLyric
20637Tatu - Malchick GeyLyric
40828Tatu - Nas Ne DogonyatLyric
20634Tatu - Not Gonna Get UsLyric
40833Tatu - RobotLyric
20635Tatu - Show Me LoveLyric
20638Tatu - StarsLyric
40827Tatu - Ya Soshla S UmaLyric
40832Tatu - Ya Tvoya Ne PervayaLyric
55055Tech N9ne - Trapped In A Psycho's Body (original)Lyric
74954Tenacious D - BabyLyric
74964Tenacious D - Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)Lyric
74962Tenacious D - Break In - City (Storm The Gate)Lyric
74963Tenacious D - Car Chase CityLyric
74953Tenacious D - ClassicoLyric
74961Tenacious D - Dude (I Totally Miss You)Lyric
74952Tenacious D - KickapooLyric
74958Tenacious D - Master ExploderLyric
74960Tenacious D - Papagenu (Hes My Sassafrass)Lyric
74965Tenacious D - PodLyric
74959Tenacious D - The DivideLyric
74957Tenacious D - The Government Totally SucksLyric
74966Tenacious D - The MetalLyric
56614Tequila - Nothing To A BossLyric
62891Texas - 036Lyric
54877Texas - Alone with You Lyric
34918Texas - And I DreamLyric
34924Texas - Another DayLyric
62899Texas - Bad WeatherLyric
54876Texas - Beliefs Lyric
34920Texas - Big SleepLyric
38484Texas - Black Eyed BoyLyric
34914Texas - BrokenLyric
62893Texas - Can't ResistLyric
34919Texas - Careful What You Wish ForLyric
39622Texas - Careful What You Wish ForLyric
34915Texas - Carnival GirlLyric
39621Texas - Carnival GirlLyric
34922Texas - Carousel DubLyric
62895Texas - CryLyric
5243Texas - Day After DayLyric
54874Texas - Dream Hotel Lyric
38486Texas - Everyday NowLyric
62897Texas - Get Down TonightLyric
66171Texas - GetawayLyric
62892Texas - GetawayLyric
5246Texas - GirlLyric
38489Texas - Guitar SongLyric
38488Texas - HaloLyric
38478Texas - I Don't Want A LoverLyric
34916Texas - I'll See It ThroughLyric
38479Texas - In DemandLyric
54878Texas - In My HeartLyric
4789Texas - In Our LifetimeLyric
38487Texas - In Our LifetimeLyric
28552Texas - In Our LifetimeLyric
5237Texas - In Our LifetimeLyric
38482Texas - Inner SmileLyric
38492Texas - InsaneLyric
62901Texas - Just Hold OnLyric
62900Texas - MasterthiefLyric
54872Texas - Mothers Heaven Lyric
5241Texas - Move InLyric
62898Texas - NevermindLyric
34923Texas - Place In My WorldLyric
38490Texas - Prayer For YouLyric
38494Texas - Put Your Arms Around MeLyric
54881Texas - Return Lyric
5245Texas - SaintLyric
38480Texas - Say What You WantLyric
2706Texas - Say What You WantLyric
62896Texas - Sleep (Feat Paul Buchanan)Lyric
38485Texas - So Called FriendLyric
38483Texas - So In Love With YouLyric
5239Texas - Summer SonLyric
38481Texas - Summer SonLyric
5240Texas - Sunday AfternoonLyric
34913Texas - Telephone XLyric
5238Texas - Tell Me The AnswerLyric
5248Texas - The Day Before I Went AwayLyric
5247Texas - The HushLyric
54875Texas - This Will All Be MineLyric
38493Texas - Tired Of Being AloneLyric
34921Texas - Under Your SkinLyric
54879Texas - Waiting Lyric
54882Texas - Walk The DustLyric
62894Texas - What About UsLyric
5242Texas - When We Are TogetherLyric
38491Texas - When We Are TogetherLyric
34917Texas - Where Did You SleepLyric
54873Texas - Why Believe In YouLyric
54880Texas - Wrapped In Clothes Of BlueLyric
5244Texas - Zero ZeroLyric
38495Texas & RZA & Method Man - Say What You Want (All Day And Everyday)Lyric
75391The Beatles - A Day In The LifeLyric
36057The Beatles - A Day In The LifeLyric
75394The Beatles - All You Need Is LoveLyric
36170The Beatles - All You Need Is LoveLyric
36058The Beatles - All You Need Is LoveLyric
75389The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.RLyric
38503The Beatles - BecauseLyric
75369The Beatles - BecauseLyric
38222The Beatles - Day In The LifeLyric
38226The Beatles - Don't Let Me DownLyric
75375The Beatles - Drive My Car (The Word What You're Doing)Lyric
75372The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby, Julia [Transition]Lyric
36028The Beatles - From Me To YouLyric
36154The Beatles - From Me To YouLyric
36069The Beatles - Get BackLyric
38521The Beatles - Get BackLyric
36174The Beatles - Get BackLyric
75370The Beatles - Get BackLyric
75371The Beatles - Glass OnionLyric
75376The Beatles - Gnik NusLyric
38219The Beatles - HelpLyric
36162The Beatles - Help!Lyric
75379The Beatles - Help!Lyric
36039The Beatles - Help!Lyric
36064The Beatles - Hey JudeLyric
36173The Beatles - Hey JudeLyric
75392The Beatles - Hey JudeLyric
38519The Beatles - Hey JudeLyric
75373The Beatles - I Am The WalrusLyric
36059The Beatles - I Am The WalrusLyric
75374The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your HandLyric
36030The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your HandLyric
36156The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your HandLyric
38220The Beatles - In My LifeLyric
38538The Beatles - In My LifeLyric
36047The Beatles - In My LifeLyric
38225The Beatles - JuliaLyric
36172The Beatles - Lady MadonnaLyric
75385The Beatles - Lady MadonnaLyric
36063The Beatles - Lady MadonnaLyric
38517The Beatles - Lady MadonnaLyric
36026The Beatles - Love Me DoLyric
36153The Beatles - Love Me DoLyric
36046The Beatles - MichelleLyric
38534The Beatles - MichelleLyric
75384The Beatles - Octopus's GardenLyric
36027The Beatles - Please Please MeLyric
36065The Beatles - RevolutionLyric
38520The Beatles - RevolutionLyric
75388The Beatles - RevolutionLyric
38223The Beatles - RevolutionLyric
36029The Beatles - She Loves YouLyric
36155The Beatles - She Loves YouLyric
75377The Beatles - Something, Blue Jay Way [Transition]Lyric
38221The Beatles - Strawberry Fields ForeverLyric
75381The Beatles - Strawberry Fields ForeverLyric
36052The Beatles - Strawberry Fields ForeverLyric
38218The Beatles - Twist and ShoutLyric
75390The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently WeepsLyric
36067The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently WeepsLyric
36038The Beatles - YesterdayLyric
36163The Beatles - YesterdayLyric
66157The Black Eyed Peas - Don't LieLyric
69182The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Dj Scotty B Remix) (Funkymix 90) 124 BpmLyric
25910The Cardigans - 03.45, No SleepLyric
25902The Cardigans - A Good HorseLyric
25903The Cardigans - And Then You Kissed MeLyric
25900The Cardigans - CommunicationLyric
25904The Cardigans - Couldn't Care LessLyric
11105The Cardigans - Erase And RewindLyric
25909The Cardigans - Feathers And DoomLyric
25906The Cardigans - For What It's WorthLyric
26320The Cardigans - For What It's Worth (Evighet)Lyric
25907The Cardigans - Lead Me Into The NightLyric
25908The Cardigans - Live and LearnLyric
1830The Cardigans - Love FoolLyric
58270The Cardigans - LovefoolLyric
25905The Cardigans - Please SisterLyric
1509The Cardigans - The Boys Are Back In Town (Non-Album Track)Lyric
25901The Cardigans - You're The StormLyric
75550The Click Five - Pop PrincessLyric
39987The Connels - 74-75Lyric
61219The Connels - 74-75Lyric
42894The Corrs - Baby Be BraveLyric
62906The Corrs - Black Is The ColourLyric
42892The Corrs - Borrowed HeavenLyric
62913The Corrs - Brid Og Ni MhailleLyric
42893The Corrs - Confidence For QuietLyric
62912The Corrs - Dimming Of The DayLyric
62907The Corrs - Heart Like A WheelLyric
62910The Corrs - Moorlough ShoreLyric
62903The Corrs - My Lagan LoveLyric
62911The Corrs - Old TownLyric
62905The Corrs - Peggy GordonLyric
26102The Corrs - Somebody for SomeoneLyric
42884The Corrs - Summer SunshineLyric
4764The Corrs - The Right Time (Acoustic)Lyric
38833The Corrs - The Winner Takes It AllLyric
42889The Corrs - Time Enough For TearsLyric
25759The Cranberries - AnalyseLyric
25756The Cranberries - Animal InstinctLyric
25762The Cranberries - Daffodil LamentLyric
18364The Cranberries - DisappointmentLyric
18370The Cranberries - Dreaming My DreamsLyric
25752The Cranberries - Free To DecideLyric
4995The Cranberries - I Will AlwaysLyric
25757The Cranberries - Just My ImaginationLyric
21556The Cranberries - LingerLyric
25746The Cranberries - LingerLyric
4997The Cranberries - Not SorryLyric
25748The Cranberries - Ode To My FamilyLyric
25750The Cranberries - Ridiculous ThoughtsLyric
4999The Cranberries - Still Can't...Lyric
18366The Cranberries - The ConceptLyric
25760The Cranberries - Time Is Ticking OutLyric
5001The Cranberries - Waltzing BackLyric
1007The Cranberries - Will You RememberLyric
25747The Cranberries - ZombieLyric
25973The Cranberries - ZombieLyric
9117The Cure - Boys Don't CryLyric
13817The Cure - DisintegrationLyric
13819The Cure - Disintegration [1989] - Track 12Lyric
13818The Cure - HomesickLyric
13812The Cure - Last DanceLyric
7151The Cure - Lovesong (Extended Mix)Lyric
13813The Cure - LullabyLyric
7147The Cure - Lullaby (Extended Mix)Lyric
7157The Cure - Never Enough (Big Mix)Lyric
13809The Cure - Pictures Of YouLyric
7153The Cure - Pictures of You (Extended Dub Mix)Lyric
13816The Cure - The Same Deep Water As YouLyric
43971The Cure - Us Or ThemLyric
70431The Darkness - BaldLyric
70428The Darkness - Dinner Lady ArmsLyric
70433The Darkness - English Country GardenLyric
70430The Darkness - Hazel EyesLyric
70426The Darkness - KnockersLyric
70425The Darkness - One Way TicketLyric
70429The Darkness - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The TimeLyric
24613The Exies - Can't RelateLyric
24617The Exies - Creeper KamikazeLyric
24616The Exies - InertiaLyric
24620The Exies - IrreversibleLyric
24614The Exies - KickoutLyric
24619The Exies - Lo FiLyric
24611The Exies - My GoddessLyric
24612The Exies - WithoutLyric
73768The Feeling - AnyoneLyric
73770The Feeling - Fill My Little WorldLyric
73423The Feeling - Fill My Little WorldLyric
73771The Feeling - HelicopterLyric
73772The Feeling - I Want You NowLyric
73773The Feeling - Kettle's OnLyric
73774The Feeling - Love It When You CallLyric
73775The Feeling - Never Be LonelyLyric
73777The Feeling - Same Old StuffLyric
70846The Feeling - SewnLyric
73778The Feeling - SewnLyric
73779The Feeling - StrangeLyric
75405The Fratellis - Baby FratelliLyric
75399The Fratellis - Chelsea DaggerLyric
75402The Fratellis - Creepin' Up The BackstairsLyric
75397The Fratellis - Cuntry Boys And City GirlsLyric
75401The Fratellis - DoginabagLyric
75404The Fratellis - Everybody Knows You Cried Last NightLyric
75396The Fratellis - FlatheadLyric
75400The Fratellis - For The GirlLyric
75406The Fratellis - Got Ma Nuts From A HippyLyric
75395The Fratellis - HenriettaLyric
75407The Fratellis - Ole Black And Blue EyesLyric
75403The Fratellis - Vince The Loveable StonerLyric
75398The Fratellis - Whistle For The ChoirLyric
53120The Game - BlacksoxLyric
60708The Game - Church For ThugsLyric
53125The Game - Gutta BoyzLyric
60704The Game - Hate It Or Love It (Feat 50 Cent)Lyric
60705The Game - HigherLyric
53121The Game - Krush GrooveLyric
60713The Game - No More Fun And GamesLyric
53124The Game - Promised LandLyric
53126The Game - Put It In The AirLyric
60709The Game - Put You On The GameLyric
53123The Game - Rookie CardLyric
60712The Game - Runnin (Feat Tony Yayo)Lyric
60716The Game - Special (Feat Nate Dogg)Lyric
60710The Game - Start From Scratch (Feat Marsha Of Floetry)Lyric
60711The Game - The DocumentaryLyric
53119The Game - The Streetz Of ComptonLyric
53122The Game - TroublesomeLyric
53130The Game - Untold StoryLyric
60702The Game - Westside Story (Feat 50 Cent)Lyric
53129The Game - Work HardLyric
27094The Hives - A.K.A I-D-I-O-TLyric
27097The Hives - Automatic SchmuckLyric
27100The Hives - Black JackLyric
27106The Hives - Closed For The SeasonLyric
27095The Hives - Here We Go AgainLyric
27096The Hives - I'm a Wicked OneLyric
27098The Hives - King Of AsskissingLyric
27102The Hives - Theme From...Lyric
27103The Hives - Uptempo Venomous PoisonLyric
53657The Jacka - Hey Girl Remix Ft. HusalahLyric
60174The Killers - Smile Like You Mean ItLyric
73195The Notorious Big & Bob Marley - Hold Your HeadLyric
73188The Notorious Big & Mobb Deep - BeefLyric
73190The Notorious Big & Scarface & Akon & Big L - Hustlers StoryLyric
13690The Police - Every Breath You TakeLyric
32496The Police - Every Breath You TakeLyric
3159The Prodigy - Diesel PowerLyric
2364The Prodigy - Full ThrottleLyric
2365The Prodigy - IntroLyric
60366The Prodigy - Music Reach (Live)Lyric
2370The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)Lyric
2372The Prodigy - PoisonLyric
2374The Prodigy - Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)Lyric
2368The Prodigy - The heat (The Energy)Lyric
2367The Prodigy - Their lawLyric
2366The Prodigy - Voodoo PeopleLyric
63498The Pussycat Dolls - Bite The DustLyric
63494The Pussycat Dolls - ButtonsLyric
63501The Pussycat Dolls - Feelin GoodLyric
63496The Pussycat Dolls - Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)Lyric
63497The Pussycat Dolls - How Many Times How Many LiesLyric
63495The Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A ManLyric
63499The Pussycat Dolls - Right NowLyric
63493The Pussycat Dolls - StickwituLyric
63500The Pussycat Dolls - Tainted Love - Where Did Our Love GoLyric
59392The Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes - Dont ChaLyric
63490The Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes - Don't ChaLyric
75238The Pussycat Dolls & Snoop Dogg - ButtonsLyric
63492The Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland - Wait A MinuteLyric
63491The Pussycat Dolls & Will I Am - BeepLyric
70698The Vines - Vision ValleyLyric
28731The White Stripes - It's True That We Love One AnotherLyric
65104The Zutons - ConfusionLyric
65111The Zutons - Dirty DancehallLyric
65105The Zutons - Havana Gang BrawlLyric
65107The Zutons - Long Time ComingLyric
65109The Zutons - Not A Lot To DoLyric
65102The Zutons - Pressure PointLyric
65106The Zutons - RailroadLyric
73428The Zutons - ValerieLyric
65101The Zutons - Zuton FeverLyric
57092Thierry Amiel - Je suis malade Lyric
70277Thierry Amiel - Les mots bleusLyric
18643Tina Arena - Aller Plus HautLyric
57762Tiziano Ferro - Imbranato (version française)Lyric
57715Tiziano Ferro - Imbranato (Version Française)Lyric
20326Tiziano Ferro - Rosso RelativoLyric
74604Tiziano Ferro - Stop! Dimentica (Majozzo Remix)Lyric
30528TLC - FanmailLyric
30535TLC - I Miss You So MuchLyric
30534TLC - If They KnewLyric
30532TLC - No ScrubsLyric
32740TLC - No ScrubsLyric
30530TLC - Silly HoLyric
39591Tlc - Silly HoLyric
39593Tlc - UnprettyLyric
55500Tlc - UnprettyLyric
30536TLC - UnprettyLyric
75223Tobias Regner - Cool Without YouLyric
60975Toby Keith - Getcha SomeLyric
17809Toby Keith - Getcha SomeLyric
42504Toby Keith - Getcha SomeLyric
28337Tom Jones & Robbie Williams - Are You Gonna Go My WayLyric
22364Toni Braxton - And I Love YouLyric
34742Toni Braxton - Another Sad Love SongLyric
38Toni Braxton - Another Sad Love SongLyric
37Toni Braxton - Another Sad Love Song (Smoothed Out Version)Lyric
39Toni Braxton - Best FriendLyric
41Toni Braxton - Breathe AgainLyric
34743Toni Braxton - Breathe AgainLyric
27784Toni Braxton - Come On Over HereLyric
22361Toni Braxton - Do You Remember WhenLyric
13283Toni Braxton - Fairy TaleLyric
27785Toni Braxton - Find Me A ManLyric
13277Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man EnoughLyric
39057Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man EnoughLyric
34853Toni Braxton - Hit The FreewayLyric
34754Toni Braxton - Hit The FreewayLyric
22357Toni Braxton - Hit The Freeway (featuring Loon)Lyric
42Toni Braxton - How Could An Angel Break My HeartLyric
34746Toni Braxton - How Many WaysLyric
44Toni Braxton - I Don't Want ToLyric
34751Toni Braxton - I Don't Want ToLyric
34750Toni Braxton - I Love Me Some HimLyric
27786Toni Braxton - I Love Me Some HimLyric
62931Toni Braxton - I Wanna Be (Your Baby)Lyric
13282Toni Braxton - I'm Still BreathingLyric
27787Toni Braxton - In The Late Of The NightLyric
34753Toni Braxton - Just Be A Man About ItLyric
9432Toni Braxton - Let It FlowLyric
34748Toni Braxton - Let It FlowLyric
22354Toni Braxton - Let Me Show You The Way (Out)Lyric
34741Toni Braxton - Love Shoulda Brought You HomeLyric
13286Toni Braxton - May BeLyric
22362Toni Braxton - Me & My BoyfriendLyric
62930Toni Braxton - MidniteLyric
13288Toni Braxton - Never Just For A RingLyric
46Toni Braxton - Seven Whole DaysLyric
34744Toni Braxton - Seven Whole Days (Live)Lyric
62935Toni Braxton - ShadowlessLyric
13279Toni Braxton - Spanish GuitarLyric
18390Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitar (Hex Hector Hq2 Club Mix)Lyric
13285Toni Braxton - Speaking In TonguesLyric
62932Toni Braxton - Sposed To BeLyric
62929Toni Braxton - Take This RingLyric
52Toni Braxton - Talking In His SleepLyric
27788Toni Braxton - Tere's No Me Without YouLyric
13284Toni Braxton - The Art Of LoveLyric
13278Toni Braxton - The HeatLyric
9433Toni Braxton - Un-Break My HeartLyric
39056Toni Braxton - Un-Break My HeartLyric
34757Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (Soul Hex Remix)Lyric
27789Toni Braxton - Why Should I CareLyric
49Toni Braxton - You Mean The World To MeLyric
34745Toni Braxton - You Mean The World To MeLyric
51Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me HighLyric
34747Toni Braxton - You're Making Me HighLyric
13287Toni Braxton - You've Been WrongLyric
13280Toni Braxton & Dr. Dre - Just Be Man About ItLyric
13281Toni Braxton & Left Eye - Gimme SomeLyric
41103Tony Vega - Hey JudeLyric
17430Tori Amos - 1000 OceansLyric
27912Tori Amos - A Sorta FairytaleLyric
27911Tori Amos - Amber WavesLyric
35103Tori Amos - AngelsLyric
35117Tori Amos - Baker BakerLyric
35115Tori Amos - BlissLyric
17431Tori Amos - Bliss (Central Park)Lyric
17428Tori Amos - Blood RosesLyric
27915Tori Amos - CarbonLyric
25977Tori Amos - Cornflake GirlLyric
35105Tori Amos - Cornflake GirlLyric
35113Tori Amos - CrucifyLyric
17429Tori Amos - Crucify (Rare Solo Piano)Lyric
27918Tori Amos - Don't Make Me Come To VegasLyric
35107Tori Amos - GodLyric
27928Tori Amos - Gold DustLyric
35106Tori Amos - MaryLyric
35114Tori Amos - Me And A GunLyric
27921Tori Amos - PancakeLyric
35116Tori Amos - Playboy MommyLyric
35102Tori Amos - Precious ThingsLyric
35111Tori Amos - Professional WidowLyric
37307Tori Amos - Professional WidowLyric
58244Tori Amos - Professional WidowLyric
17427Tori Amos - Raining BloodLyric
27926Tori Amos - Scarlet's WalkLyric
35104Tori Amos - Silent All These YearsLyric
35121Tori Amos - Snow Cherries From FranceLyric
35109Tori Amos - SparkLyric
35119Tori Amos - Sweet DreamsLyric
27919Tori Amos - Sweet SangriaLyric
27924Tori Amos - Taxi RideLyric
35118Tori Amos - Tear In Your HandLyric
27927Tori Amos - VirginiaLyric
27917Tori Amos - Wampum PrayerLyric
35110Tori Amos - Way DownLyric
27913Tori Amos - WednesdayLyric
27920Tori Amos - Your CloudLyric
18083Toto Cotugno - L'ItalianoLyric
3110Tracy Chapman - A Hundred YearsLyric
27944Tracy Chapman - All That You Have Is Your SoulLyric
1065Tracy Chapman - All That You Have Is Your SoulLyric
21537Tracy Chapman - AlmostLyric
21534Tracy Chapman - Another SunLyric
1062Tracy Chapman - Be Careful Of My HeartLyric
1064Tracy Chapman - Born To FightLyric
1059Tracy Chapman - BridgesLyric
21540Tracy Chapman - BrokenLyric
1058Tracy Chapman - CrossroadsLyric
1060Tracy Chapman - Freedom nowLyric
21542Tracy Chapman - GoodbyeLyric
21541Tracy Chapman - HappyLyric
21538Tracy Chapman - Hard WiredLyric
21544Tracy Chapman - I'am YoursLyric
21536Tracy Chapman - In The DarkLyric
21533Tracy Chapman - Let It RainLyric
1061Tracy Chapman - Material WorldLyric
21539Tracy Chapman - Say HallelujahLyric
3109Tracy Chapman - SubcityLyric
27930Tracy Chapman - SubcityLyric
1063Tracy Chapman - This TimeLyric
21535Tracy Chapman - You're The OneLyric
29549Train - All American GirlLyric
29548Train - Calling All AngelsLyric
29554Train - Counting AirplanesLyric
29555Train - Following RitaLyric
29553Train - Get To MeLyric
29558Train - I'm About To Come AliveLyric
29557Train - Lincoln AvenueLyric
29552Train - My Private NationLyric
29551Train - Save The DayLyric
29550Train - When I Look To The SkyLyric
29556Train - Your Every ColorLyric
29728Travis - She's So StrangeLyric
16152Tunisian Four - Desert RoseLyric
24631Tyrese - All Ghetto GirlLyric
24629Tyrese - Girl I Can't Help ItLyric
24625Tyrese - i must be crazyLyric
24634Tyrese - i wanna go thereLyric
24630Tyrese - kinna rightLyric
24633Tyrese - on top of meLyric
24626Tyrese - she let's me be a manLyric
24628Tyrese - somebody specialLyric
24635Tyrese - taking foreverLyric
2568Tyrese - Tell Me Tell MeLyric
24623Tyrese - U Don't Give A Damn About MeLyric
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